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Author Topic: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)  (Read 65697 times)

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Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« on: July 14, 2015, 07:42:32 PM »
Intro: I've seen many other posts about items, shards, etc. so I've decided to make my own. A few ideas might have already thought up, but if I mention them it is because they caught my attention. This post will be a lot shorter than my last one, hopefully.
(Length is taken up by font so that it can be read, and pictures. Apologizes if this fails to make it easier to read.)


Head Items
Plague Doctor Mask- A creepy bird-like mask that was used during the Black Plague of Europe, herbs were stuffed inside the beak to stop the doctor from getting infected. They were also a bit creepy, being that glass goggles were implanted into the mask to seal it shut. This would be a bit creepy but would look decent on a character.

Full eye contacts- These can be found in Impressive Title, they cover the entire character's eye in either silver or gold. Imagine what contacts there could be; lava, water/blue, black, silver, bronze, copper, gold, diamond. They're a small touch but a fairly interesting one, and they could even be in hypnotic circles.

Deer Skull- The skull of a deer that could be worn on the player, perhaps just the top of the skull so that less fitting will be needed. For instance the skull's eye sockets could lineup with the character's own eyes.

Tall Deer Antlers- Mostly found in fiction, deer have exaggeratedly large antlers that have a abundance of branches that branch off again and again. Other things could be added to these antlers; grass, flowers, berries, and vines entwining with the bone.

Masquerade masks- Instead of explaining each one, perhaps they could look like the pictures below?

Grenade- Holding a grenade in the mouth? Might look odd, dunno.

Cigar- We have a cigarette but a cigar would look nice too, maybe even have it to the side of the jaw to make it look like a drug-lord's hold on his cigar?

Buck teeth, beaver or rabbit- Light hearted and silly, it could be put on rabbits to make them look a bit cartoony. Made in a perfect U as it descends from the bunny's mouth.

Black-eye- A purplish black swollen eye could be left and right, but not enough to cover the entire eye. (This might not be to good, because it might come off as offensive)

Prey- A rabbit or bird hanging from the character's mouth, it could be used in roleplay and would be dropped and crouched by as they pretend to eat it.

Assassin's Hood- Covering the eyes just like Ezio, you could be a sneaky assassin.

Ninja Hood-  The typical complete cover of a black cloth except the eyes, and having ear holes for the character.

Ninja Star- Holding it in the character's mouth, bloody?, or it could just be shiny.

Chinese bun with sticks through it- Goofy little hairdo of a Chinese woman's hair, sticks included.

Triceratops Frill/Crest- We have the horns, now all we need is the bony plate covering the neck!

Horse mask- 


Rhino Horns- Might be too lose to the triceratops horns, but would be decent.

Non-spike Collars- Maybe just collars that have a buckle, or collars with a gold token? We could even have diamond collars, which just have a bunch of small diamonds on them.

Body Items

Gun Holster- On the thigh, like the daggers, only it's a strap and a small gun like a pistol.

Vines and Flowers- Entwining up the legs, blooming flowers and vines with leaves.

Greek Toga- The white cloth that covers most of the character, coming around only one shoulder.

Armor(War)- This has been said before, but the concept is wonderful and could just be a chest plate.

Hidden Blades- More Assassin stuff.

Cape- Everyone needs a flowing or laying sheet of colorful cloth tied from the neck, going to the back.

Shoulder Caps- Metal shoulder protection, how lovely.

Rain Boots- Why not? Big, yellow, rubber rain boots for when it rains in Last Moon.

Peacock Tail- Large multi-colored tail feathers that fray out, yet close up when you sit.

Mini Gatling Gun- More guns for the back of your character.

Loin Cloth- A belt, with a cloth, covering your loins.

Harness- Like the spiked collar, the harness would be a cool little touch.


Bees- Just a swarm of bees around you, real, angry bees.

Peacock Shade- Glowing large green feathers, ending in round "eyes" with blue whites along with a indigo pupil and iris.

Flaming Eyes- Like the paw fire, only on the eyes and much smaller.

Dust- Thick clouds of dust and ash, billowing from the character.

Fire- A circle of fire around your character.

Birds- Have a bunch of glow birdies around you, just like Snow White!

Fog- Swirling fog that follows your character

Floating Rocks- Small floating islands.

Disco Lights- Dance floor spot lights that are many colors.

Heart Bubbles- Pink round hearts that are shinny like a bubble. (Maybe only for Valentines day?)

Hail- Shards of ice raining above you.

Dragon Head and Neck- A flaming dragon neck and head emerging from your shoulders.

Mini Fireworks- A little firework show over your head.

Northern lights- Wherever you run, you lead the trail of the Northern Lights.

Fireballs- Balls of fire floating around you.

Meteor Shower- Beautiful white trailing rocks.

Orbiting Planets- You are the sun in this solar system.

Tentacles- Coming from your back, you have black tentacles.

Raining Fireballs- Fireballs that disperse as they hit the ground.

(Shorter post)

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Re: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2015, 08:56:15 PM »
All these suggestions are so good, I simply adore the mask ones aswell as the prey, northern lights and orbiting planets.
Great job!

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Re: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2015, 11:07:46 PM »
I really like these ideas you have here, Emu! And while there is already a Heart shard in this game, it would be neat to see some more Valentine's Day related stuff. :3

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Re: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2015, 02:20:49 AM »
Idea: What about Fennekin Costumes?

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Re: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2015, 04:34:37 AM »
Hood thing-
I actually have a preset for a character which makes him look like an assassin from the game.
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Re: Bouncing off other new items post (Items post)
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2015, 05:56:36 PM »
These ideas are awesome! I love them all!
Especially the Peacock items/shard; those would be fabulous to have!