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Author Topic: Ideas!  (Read 1499 times)

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« on: May 22, 2016, 12:11:24 PM »
So I actually had some ideas for items and quests! they're just some ideas  I had, but I thought id share them.


name; Hound Hunter
text: I cant enjoy my walks around last moon without some type of canine coming after me! please. will you kill some of these annoying creatures for me?

Brown wolf x10
Siberian husky x10
German Shepard x10
Reward: 10 bronze medals
Quest giver: A cat maybe?
name:  Soul Stealer
text: Tainted plains is becoming over-run with ghosts! take out some of these critters and I will reward you.
Nightmare x5
Shadow-grazer x10
Hopping spook x20
Shyshroud x5
Reward: 1 gold medal
quest giver: maybe a dragon or some kind of wolf
Quest name; All out raver
text: Collect these items for me, and you'll be rewarded!
Rainbow whiskers! x1
Rainbow guitar x1
Rainbow dagger x1
Rainbow halo x1
Rainbow tie x1
reward: 1 silver medal
quest giver: A rainbow giraffe
A legend of zelda sword
A companion cube (I would die if that was in the game xD)
(back item)
A super mario question mark block (back item)
A hoodie (black and white)
A baseball cap
There ya go! theres my random ideas c: hope you like!