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Author Topic: Items and critters that I want to be added on LM??? xD  (Read 1174 times)

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Items and critters that I want to be added on LM??? xD
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:14:32 PM »
This is just a suggestion of items. You could maybe add:

Spiked collars all different colors. And same for spiked bracelets.

Maybe Thunderbolts? Can be all colors.

A fudging pancake shard!!! XDD I really want that to be added. x3

And a noodle shard, maybe? o3o Noodles are love, noodles are life. <3

Here are some critters/pets you guys can maybe add.

A crocodile. I don't like gummy, he's too small! >.<'

A moose. I love mooses <333 (Anyone who knows a tall blue dorky moose from HTF named Lumpy XD, could maybe make a model of him, and put him in pet shop for silver/gold etc.  I would squeal so happily if he was added, that's the only suggestion I would die for, because I LOVE that moose! XD <333

If not, just add a realistic lookin' moose then. Doesn't matter. x3

And here's a suggestion that I think is good:

Jason Voorhees.

And he could be as a pet, LOL. But he'd have to be like rubies or something because he would be able to do strong damage and stuffs. x3

That's all folks. :B
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