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Author Topic: My multiple Suggestions  (Read 1030 times)

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My multiple Suggestions
« on: February 26, 2019, 12:29:33 AM »
1. Prey Eggs
So pretty much the idea is that when you kill your prey, you can possibly get the animals egg which of course would be extremely rare, especially for stronger prey or bosses. Which once it hatches will be the animal you killed as your pet. You can still buy the same available pets from the shops.

Duration of time it takes to hatch: 24 hours or more for it to get ready to hatch. Will only hatch if the egg is equipped and character is online and active. 24 hours will not continue offline or on a different character.

I will make concept art of each egg for each animal. The egg depending on the size will sit along the back, head or nose. Big eggs could be held in a separate basket item that sits on the upper back. More ideas about the basket soon~


2. AFK Tag
Pretty much if you do not move for a duration of time it will show in chat after an hour that " is now AFK" and once you move the text will announce in the chat " is no longer AFK". Now I do not know if there is already an /afk command but either way, some people don't know it so it just makes more sense to have both. And if possible it could be neat to display "Currently AFK" or "AFK" above the players head or beside there name in chat and in-game. Or just use /afkpl (afk players) and it'll show all current afk players by username in-game or without a command can be displayed below the friend's list but will only show afk friends, not all players.


3. Remove Equestria
Unless the owner got permissions from Hasbro themselves, this can cause a lot of copyright issues, possibly even the game getting shut down. There have already been cases of video games such as a My Little Pony MMO getting shut down bc of copyright and trademark infringement. Even if they aren't exact replicas of the characters, it's still pretty much a copy of the characters, names, and the name of the map. Maybe you can still have the map named Equestria but just create your own ideas and characters in the map. I would probably consider this suggestion the most.


4. Separate Spawned items/Admin items
In the Wiki all items are just thrown in a long line, not categorizing none, no images, and just very unorganized. I, of course, have OCD issues so of course its gonna bother me and I wouldn't even be able to do anything about it even if I tried. I just suggest it getting organized, separated and figured out. Now I 100% understand staff are busy, I know how it is and nobody is rushing you. I just don't enjoy the site of it.


5. Update the homepage
The first thing I saw when I joined was what seemed like years old images of the game, even if it includes almost the same content as the game still has, it doesn't really attract me to them and welcome me. There just sorta random screenshots with no context of what I'm about to download besides introducing there are quests and such like every other IT game there is. I feel like for the homepage there should include like a trailer of the game, some insight on what the game even is, maybe include the games DeviantArt, advertise donations, make it pop and make it interesting and eye-catching.


Just a note to this suggestion, I have not played too much to know most of the game's content and such just yet, so please correct me if things I've mentioned are already included in the game.

I will add more to this when I get more ideas, please share your thoughts and opinions below or DM me.

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Re: My multiple Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 04:21:05 AM »
AH i do like that ideas