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Author Topic: New Map! (Granite Heights)  (Read 1155 times)

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New Map! (Granite Heights)
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:40:37 AM »
NOTICE:This map may have objects in them that Last Moon DOESN'T HAVE MESHES FOR, and I am well aware of this. As such, kindly cease from replying that there aren't meshes for this map. Emu thanks you for consideration.
Warning: Lots of visuals.
Side Note: Read these posts and your future might make more sense. :)

Granite Heights

General Idea: Granite Heights is a large mountain range spanning across miles of land, ranging from high peaks to foothill. Across this land mass are large patches of granite, a mineral that looks a little like pepper and salt, hence the name Granite Heights. Though the mountain range is fairly desolate there are a few trees dotting the landscape, more growing in a small meadow that you may find in the map. This meadow is kept lush by the mountain's side freshwater fall that comes from one of the mountain's tunnel systems, forming a small pond to nourish the trees, grass, and lavenders. However there is a meadow similar to the small one, found in the middle of this map is a large meadow full of orchids colored silver, white, and blue. No body of water can be found, as the plants take water from the cave systems that fall just under the large meadow. Significant enough, the meadow has a great white oak in the middle of it.
Trees: http://tinyurl.com/qfrg2ut
Babul, Mahau, Juniper, White Oak.

Fake, Clover, Delphinium Hybrid.


Terrain Landmarks:
Small Meadow-The small meadow can be found alongside of a mountain in the Northern area, where it gives you access to a small pond, shade from trees, and a small hill to look up at the night sky.

Large Meadow- The large meadow is found in the center of the map, and it's mainly taken up by the white, silver, and blue flowers. Clover and sea green grass part the flowers, along with a very small soft dirt path to Oak Hill.

Oak Hill- It's lower than the mountains and peaks, but Oak Hill overlooks the large meadow and the sea of flowers and orchids. Upon it, the great white oak grows to the height of the mountains and shades half of the meadow under it's great branches and leaves, allowing night flowers to bloom.

(BTW, shout-out to the user Granite for giving me the idea for the name, even if it was just a joke. I hoe I turned it into a beautiful map idea. ^^)

P.S- If you have a vague idea for a map but would want more to be added to it, tell me it below and I might be able to help! I'll give you credit! And if you're too shy to reply to this post, feel free to PM me, I'll be fine with either.