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Discussion & Suggestions / Re: Quest Suggestions?
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:16:07 PM »
Quest Title: Walk Through the Fire
Objective: 2x Red Pawfires, 2x Blue Pawfires, Kill 10x Star Dragon
Reward: 1 Ruby, 5 Gold, 3 Silver
Whether It's Repeatable or Not: No

Updates & News / Re: Removal of WoW Objects from the game
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:02:45 PM »

Autobiography / Oops, I'm dead.
« on: March 18, 2017, 04:18:01 PM »
So, if you remember Scourge... I'm them. I lost the password to that account and can no longer log into it. I got CloudFish's permission to make a new account for the website - I still go by ScoureLover123 *gag* in game.

So, I guess I should tell you a bit about myself in list format.
- Regan
- 14
- Writer
- Artist
- Music Lover
- Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and Gravity Falls trash
- Emo (but I don't wear eyeliner)
- I still like Milky Chance, if anyone remembers me ranting on about them
- I have a HUGE crush on Josh Dun.
- I made my school crush gay for Brendon Urie. (He's bi <3)
- Uhm... I really like Undertale.
- Purple is my favorite color.
- I love tattoos and piercings
- Christian, but I ain't homophobic. I also pray and go to Church and stuff
- In 6th grade I was accused of being a Nazi because I carried around a 1,000 Words in German book.
- My Mom just let me start reading Harry Potter.
- I really don't like Donald Trump.
- Memes are pretty good.
- I write fanfiction and original stories.
- The Arrival and Avatar are my favorite movies.
- I still read Warriors...
- I have so many OCs jeebus...
- I use :3 and OML a lot
- I'm taking German at school
- I once had a dream where I kissed Clemens Rehbein from Milky Chance. And that's why I had a crush on him for almost three years
- I can talk about my favorite music for hours.

That's all.
Have a blessed day <3

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