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Author Topic: *drinks Mintpool*  (Read 3324 times)

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*drinks Mintpool*
« on: March 10, 2019, 04:21:39 PM »
Hey there!
I've been around since a few days now, I dedided to say hi. ^^

I'm Mintpool and dig Last Moon because I thought it was neat-looking. :0 Plus I have played on just two IT servers before, so I'm somewhat acquainted with the environments and everything. Nice to be here and see how much progress you've gone through as a community. Somewhere around here I took it there's more game projects the admins are undertaking. Cheers!

Maybe you've seen my little bean around on FeralHeart, don't hesitate to just say hello. c: And my character here on LM is Ronnen.

Nice to meet you all and have a nice rest of the day!

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Re: *drinks Mintpool*
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2019, 01:18:34 AM »
Hey welcome to lastmoon pal ^^ and will glad to see you in lastmoon and fh too. Mine will be Alexis1123 ingame