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« on: October 20, 2018, 07:53:06 PM »
I'm starting a new series!!! The series will be called Locomations.
It is steam-powered robots that can change to their steam engine forms and a big cat. The three main Locomations will be Indiana, Vincent, and Esmeralda. (The elite trio) They are owned by Missd76. I was given the go ahead to start the series! The setting is in Illusionlands, an imaginary land populated by felines wild and domestic.There is some new creatures too, such as the Slyvia (Which my fursona is) and other creatures. Will post more of that stuff later! Also, happy early halloween!

Creatures present:
Slyvias: a snow leopard with huge bat wings.
Horned Cats: Red cats with horns.
Lions (Mostly Asiatic, sometimes African)
Snow Leopards
Tigers (Bengal and Siberian)
Domestic Cats (Ocicats and bengals will be included)
Jaguar and Black Panthers
Hybrids (Ligers, Tigons, Leogers, Panthpards, and more)
Geoffrey's cat
Pallas cat (Manul)
And many more!
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