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Author Topic: Gray replying to vennys stuffs  (Read 3633 times)

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Gray replying to vennys stuffs
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:41:56 PM »
Deep. So anyways I saw some of vens' stuff in poetry. Though some was sad it was very good. Anyways I just saw that and decided to retype an old shit rp I did. It's the old version of my new rp. Anyways here goes.so we got to ante and here it goes.

"Shit paper trees!!!" That's what my friend yelled. I joined in and the others say clueless with a face of 'wtf are we doing here' and it went on for like 10 straight mins. After that we got back to the rp. I said "Gray sat on the outskirts on the highway, awaiting a chance to leap in between a few cars and get away. Finally a car slowed. A blue scratched up Chevy honked the horn. Gray jumped and ran. But the Chevy suddenly accelerated. It was a trick. The Chevy hit him hard, in the side. He lay there, hearing voices and evil laughter. Poachers threw her in the back of the Chevy, and he lay there, half alive. Blood trickled from his mouth as the car went. He suddenly snapped out of it. He painfully went on top of the roof. The truck stopped. flinging him forward. He hit the pavement. He then growled and jumped through the windshield. Glass shattered all over the man. He jumped on the man. He flung gray off, and pulled a 30.06 out. He shot, and gray fell backward. The truck sped off. at least he's scared to come back. he thought. He saved wolf lives that day, preventing deaths in the future. hm. he thought laughing as his world slipped away."
And damn boy that was actiony I died in my rp cri
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Bye bye loves....