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Author Topic: 12 year old me  (Read 3289 times)

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12 year old me
« on: March 20, 2017, 12:21:43 AM »
so when I was 11-12 years old I was really into warriors.
I recently dug up my page of old drawings and writing.
Thought I'd share a few of my findings in literature...
Hopefully you'll find as much amusement out of them that I did

First off we have a journal I posted on DA that I found extremely funny
So was just working on a little art and my computer comes up with a window saying I need to restart. :( Apperently it is called a "kernal panic." To sum it up, my computer began to panic and told me to restart. I am on a Mac AND DESPERATLY NEED HELP WITH THIS ISSUE!!!!!!! aehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO NO NO NO !!! grrr I will handle this later.

my personal favorite part of that is "grrr I will handle this later" LMAO
next up we have a blip of some stuff I wrote.

Featherswift's eyes traced over to the small body of the kit. Bravekit, the dead kit's littermate, was sitting there mewing silently to him. "Come on, Fernkit. Wake up! Please..." his voice trailed off and tears rolled from his eyes slowly. He laid down on top of the little body.
    Fernkit died in peace. She wasn't afraid, scared, or anything. A badger had come out of a den and noticed the little kit there and decided she would make a good meal. Luckily, the Clan arrived in time to kill the badger, but it was too late. The badger had swiped the kit dead and was killed a heartbeat later.
    Fernkit's body bled slowly. A gaping wound from her stomach was gory and open. Bravekit didn't care. He continued to weep over his littermate. Featherswift walked up to him and sat down. Fernkit was not her kit, but Featherswift had shown a liking to the arrogant personality of her. Owlstar stepped up to the body and meowed for all the Clan to hear, "Everyone is dismissed. Bravekit, you may stay. Fernkit did not have a moment of glory, but she would have served the Clan well. We will hope that she flourishes with the warriors of StarClan." Even Owlstar looked down at the death of the young kit. All the Clan cats had gathered around before, but were slowly departing.
    "Bravekit..." Featherswift murmured to the tear-stained kit. "Fernkit is in StarClan now. She is okay." "No she isn't, Featherswift! She could have had a wonderful life in BlazeClan, and because of a lousy badger she died. Fernkit at least could have been taken by something..." Bravekit's voice trailed off again and he cried even more. He shot his gaze at the starry night sky and whispered, "Guide her StarClan. Show her the world." Featherswift felt so sad from the comment. She wanted to leap forward and hug the saddened kit. But her wits told her to keep away and she padded off to the warrior den.
    After ruffling up her mossy bed, she laid down and closed her eyes. "May StarClan guide Fernkit's path," Featherswift whispered to herself and drifted off into a deep sleep.

let me acknowledge the fact that my "Clan" was called fucking BLAZECLAN. AND 12 YEAR OLD ME WASNT EVEN JOKING.

Let's move onto our next text.

Sleekkit passed a gaze at his Clan-mate, Bravekit. Three days after Fernkit's death and he was still mourning. Sleekkit admitted to himself it was kind of pathetic, but being that he was an only-kit, he didn't have to worry about that stuff. Sleekkit was padding around a few feet from the nursery. "Sleekkit! Come back, little one." his mother Blizzardtail called from back in the nursery.
    "Okay," Sleekkit was padding back to the leafy den when Risingash, the deputy of BlazeClan congratulated him. Sleekkit was wondering what this meant until his mother told him that today was the day that he became an apprentice. "Oh… YAY!!!" Sleekkit shouted when his mother told him.
    Sleekkit had completely forgot his apprenticeship until today. Owlstar was gathering everyone near the Highrocks, and Sleekkit happily padded over. Owlstar's eyes gazed at every cat to make sure they were there. "Today we have a very special event! Sleekkit, please step up to Highrocks," Sleekkit beamed with pride and did as told. When he was up on Highrocks, he noticed a very sorrow Bravekit. Bravekit still had a moon before he would become an apprentice. Owlstar continued talking. "Sleekkit has reached the age of six moons. StarClan do you approve of this action?" He paused and continued at the sound of the wind howling. "Sleekkit, do you approve of this action?" "Yes, I do," He answered, his black and white tuxedo pelt shining. "Then you shall become Sleekpaw, your mentor will be Fireeyes." Fireeyes' orange and yellow eyes glowed like fire. Fireeyes was a middle-aged warrior, and he had a brown and dark red pelt. Sleekpaw leaped off of Highrocks and sat quietly next to his mentor, a smile showing sharp teeth.


That's all I have for y'all today.
Long story short...
Don't delete or get rid of things you make. Because a few years down the line you'll look back on them and lose your shit like I did. I've been laughing nonstop while writing this.