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Last Moon Tales
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:17:16 AM »
Last Moon - Day at the Market

The day was rainy, as usual in Badlands, and much of the prey that had run through the lands had gone for shelter. Fantasia hissed in annoyance and shook her fur again, knowing it was no good. It always rained here, but it was her favorite world out of all 55 of them. Why was it her favorite world? A shadow passed over her. The funnier part was the music that was playing at that moment, happy, bouncy and cheerful, the name came to her as she thought about it. Avalon, the Wedding it was called. Her heart lurched, and she focused on the shadow. A vulture! Time to test out the wings! She lunged into the air and took the creature by surprise as she slammed into its underbelly, causing it to screech in surprise, talons sinking into her fur. For a few moments, she fought it, earning a couple deep scratches, but nothing more as she finally wrenched the creature’s neck and dropped it to the ground, where it vanished and left nothing. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the horizon, and saw more vultures.
Once she had dispatched about five more of the birds, a couple of them dropped copper medals. She unhitched the pack from her shoulders, and pawed out the copper medals she had compiled over the weeks she had been here. What were these good for anyways? She counted ten of them, and then stuffed them back into the pack, leaving a couple items behind for others. Why become a pack-rat when there was many more of the same item out there? She put the pack back on and headed for Default. She had heard that you traded these Medals for stuff, but she hadn't heard the full story. What might she trade/buy with these Medals if she could do so? She instantly thought of Bishop and her stomach quivered. She missed him miserably, and it had only been a couple of days. He’d gone back to Reality to get surgery. He called it Reality, she called it Earth. Same-same she thought, and jumped through the portal.
The place was bustling, talk all over the place, people everywhere, some familiar, some not, but none of them she knew. She kept her eyes open for one she knew, but he was not here. She tried to telepathically speak to him, but all she got was a hollow sound, which she knew meant he was not here. She headed for the Portal called "Bazaar" and came through to the wide clearing, tents posted at the four sides of the circular market. There were a couple others here as well, haggling over something, and she lie down for a moment on a rock to look around and decided what to do. She didn't really know what to do...should she just go about and ask and look, or ask someone. She looked back at the two wolves that were trading, opened her mouth to ask, and then decided not to. Sighing heavily, she bounded off the rock and went to look at a tent, where a large...huge Feline was sitting, and taking inventory over several items on shelves and such, there were also several cages, and other items about the fine tent. This cat was either a lynx or a were-cat, and she guessed were-cat. Fantasia padded over slowly and peered in as the cat turned and studied her with amber eyes. "New here are you?" she said in a surprisingly clear, young voice. "Yeah...could you tell me what I can do with these Bronze Medals?" she asked, trying to reassure herself she wasn't looking like a fool. The were-cat came closer and lay down on the rug. "How many do you have there?" she asked, and Fantasia came up shyly, took the pack off and brought out the ten Bronze medals. "There's ten of them, I have a silver one as well" she said, and watched as the were-cat stood and hooked the ten medals up on her talon-like claw. "Well, ten of these is worth a Silver Medal, and a Silver Medal can get you a couple things here, assuming you are also here to buy?"
Fantasia thought it through quickly. "Would those or a silver medal buy a Bloody Collar?" she said, spying one on a high shelf, the crimson spatter on the spikes making it easy to spot. "Yes, a silver Medal" she said, and Fantasia accepted. The were-cat gently put the Silver Medal into a bag at the back of the tent, and then came over, rearing to her hind paws to pull a collar off the shelf. "You wouldn't happen to be buying this for a certain someone, would you?" she asked. Fantasia's fur prickled. Was she showing something on her face, or did this creature read minds? For a moment, Fantasia battled whether to speak truthfully or not, and then decided what use there was in lying. "Yes...I am...and can I trade those Bronze Medals for a Silver?" she asked, skillfully changing the subject. The were-cat laughed and nodded. "Yes, but unfortunately, you'll have to wait a few days until my Silver's go up, it's been rather slow lately, and I need to have something to show for my work here" she said, almost regretfully. Fantasia nodded. "Alright, I'll come back in three days" she said, and the were-cat took the collar and some soft leather from a crate nearby and gently wrapped the collar. "Need to keep this dry, the blood on it won't wash off, but I will darken if wet, and when worn, the blood looks fresh" she said, and handed the collar to Fantasia. With a bit of squeamishness, she placed the collar into her pack and after nodding thanks, left the tent.
She headed around to look at the other tents, and found nothing she could afford or wanted at the moment, and so, went back to Default and from there to ReallyBig. Some of these Maps needed a Rename, she thought, and began hunting again. She thought of the reason she had purchased that collar, and hoped Bishop would return for her to give it to him. She had returned to Earth for the while and done some research, learning that there were Bloody collars, and the moment she knew, she knew she had to get a pair for her and Bishop. She also needed to find some glasses and a couple of Telly Necklaces for them. She was getting everything in pairs now. After she had killed more than 20 animals and gained only two Medals, she decided it was time to head back Home. Tomorrow was her Math tutoring, and she needed some sleep. She curled up under one of the scarce trees overlooking the vast plains, closed her eyes, and let herself back to Earth. She'd do some more research when she went to the Library tomorrow and see where and if she could get some Telly Necklaces and glasses.

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Re: Last Moon Tales
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Lovely tale, Fantasia. Nice work! C: