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Author Topic: LM CreepyPasta ~ "I Warned You" ~ ROUGH DRAFT, PLEASE WARN ME OF ANY PROBLEMS  (Read 3208 times)

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WARNING, This is a CreepyPasta and may or may not be scary to the reader, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. LM belongs to its owners, but all characters below are owned by me.

It was a normal day in Last Moon when I decided I wanted to try killing the Slenderwolf again.(this is what I call him since Slenderman just doesn't suit a wolf) Now in the past I've only attempted a couple of times, each failing even though my first try was with a group of bear characters. So I restarted and got on my bear character Snaggle, he has a white and very light blue coat.

Entering Portal Island, I noticed things didn't seem right. The colors had faded somehow and everything was almost in a grey hue. I asked the other players on the map if they were having the same problem, but they replied no. I shrugged it off, thinking it was probably a glitch in the program, or in my computer. I walked over to the bubble-shaped portal that led to "Slandyman's Forest" and jumped onto the bubble.

The loading screen seemed odd also, having the same problem as if you accidentally printed a color picture out in black and white. I looked closer and noticed the only thing that had color was too far away to see clearly, just a dot that was a dark red. By then I was wondering, but before I could do anything the new map loaded up. It was completely normal, so I looked around. Spotting a flash of red, I headed towards it, knowing it was Slenderwolf. I attacked the creature a few times before trying to fly away, but being that bears are slower, the Slenderwolf caught up and lowered my health all the way. I looked around for water, then remembered that I never saw water in this map, so I decided to lie down.

While my Snaggle was on his back, I noticed that no sound was playing. Not even the eerie heartbeat that played, nor my character's walking noise. Complete silence.

I checked the sound options, and was suprised to see that they were all in the default position. So I checked my computer volume, which I realized was muted. I laughed and unmuted it, starting to walk again I noticed that the walking sound effects was still not playing, so I checked my volume again. Everything was normal, so maybe it was apart of the glitch? But before I shrugged this off, I heard a whispering. Not from my house, because when I took my headphones off, the sound was gone. I couldn't identify the direction of the sound in-game, so I wandered around. The whispering was too faint to make out the words, and it sounded to come from all directions now. I typed "Who's there?" in the chatbox, but I didn't expect someone to reply. But barely a moment went by before I got an answer, the place that contained the username was empty and their text simply read "I".

Confused, I tied to locate the other player. I can't remember exactly how our conversation went, but I guess a bit like this:

<bailydragon> Where are you?
<> Why must you know?
<bailydragon> So I can find you!
<> Watch out...

Before I could react Slenderwolf ran back up and wounded me again. I growled in frustration at the screen, then stopped.

<bailydragon> How did you know?
<> Do not be angry, and I just know.

I got frustrated and wanted to ask the player their username, so I could friend them, but before I could ask, they told me plainly, "{~|N56Y65N|~}" Comfused, I tried the /friend command and put in the coding. It said the happy You added {~|N56Y65N|~} as a friend. I went into my friend list and looked at the Online section. Clicking that name I tried to find them, even though I knew it would say Slandyman's Forest. But it actually read "RUNRUN RUNRUN" I was shaking but tried to brush it off.

<bailydragon> Where are you?!?
<> It doesn't matter...

My computer started to glitch and flicker as a completely black character walked onto the screen. The name of the character was "*NYXENT666*", which truthfully kinda scared me.

<bailydragon> Are you a hacker?????
<> No...

I tried to ask what they were doing here, but their character's completely black eyes stared at my giant fuzzy white bear. Snaggle backed up without me touching the controls, fear like none of the available expressions on his face. *NYXENT666* walked closer and Snaggle fell over, not the funny faint animation but as if he tripped over something while backing up. NYX (I'll call him that for short) stood right beside my terrified bear and crouched, putting his jaws around my bear's head with large bloodstained fangs showing. The whispers were now screams of terror, still unidentifiable but hurting my eardrums. My computer glitched and gave me a blue-screen right before NYX had reached the point of pulling off Snaggle's head, but blood had spattered the screen before the error. I didn't touch my computer for a while, and I had dreams about a large black shadow creeping up to me and carving an odd shape on my back before snapping at me.

When I did get the courage to finally open up Last Moon again, I went to Snaggle's spot instantly and my heart dropped in terror. His eyes were white, and his pelt jet black, it seemed as if blood pooled from his eyes and the ring around his neck, but the scariest thing was his new name...

His new name was "I Warned You".
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umg I wuv it
Ello, my name is shenois107 or blu
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Awhh poor Snaggle! D8
Really nice but sad story.  o:
Heuhehuheu my computer always goes Bluescreen

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Ermygash. I love it! ^w^ (Now I want to read more of these stories xD) (And now I'm tempted to create my own creepy wolf in LM, Sill (Short for Silhouette)
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omg good story
have a good day bros ;)

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Wow! This is a really good story! Poor Snaggle Though. It's kind of sad. Anyway, You should do more of these stories! I'm a fan of CreepyPasta myself! This was very Good! You better make More!
~ Spacey <3

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