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Author Topic: |:|Shadowed Memories|:| From Season 1 To Season 2  (Read 1612 times)

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|:|Shadowed Memories|:| From Season 1 To Season 2
« on: September 18, 2014, 07:50:17 PM »
Note: This was written like 1-2 years ago, so there are mistakes, which I am too lazy to correct. :D
Also. If I get 2-3 replies, I will write more! ^-^

Season 1 Episode 1 The Finding

  ~~|:|~~Shadowed Memories~~|:|~~
                                                                  ~~~The Begining~~~

The story i wana tell you, is about two brothers. Dante and Long.They are haunted by a demon, and the demon's servent. There names are Darken and Fallen. Darken has an evil army of demon's, and is there king. He has a son, Dante. Dante's mother was killed by a demon, that has possesed Darken. The demon seeks to kill Dante who has speshial powers.        

                                                                 ~~~Chapter 1 The Finding~~~

The wind blew in my face, as my mane flicked in the air, from the cold wind. I walked away from my pack territory. As i waned to be alone.          
After awhile i heard screaming from the where my pack mates were. I ran as fastes i could.
When i arrived, i found nothing but blood and cold blooded laying bodies. I saw my parents there laying, i ran to theme, but they were killed. I hated myself for running away at the first time. I screamed from the pain in my heart, as i looked up at the sky, seeing some sord of a shadow. I started growling, as it disapierd the same second i started growling. I left my parents there, as i ran away.
From the long ran, i saw something laying on the ground, i walked closer as i saw it was a pup, the same size i was. I picked it up, and draged him, until i saw a cave, and padded in it.
The other day, i woke up, and saw the pup awakening. The pup looked up at me, as his eyes were red like blood. We looked at each other for awhile, until i spoke: "Hello, my name is Long. And your?" I asked with grumpf in my tone, as i stood up, my muscel's shaking.
After awhile, the pup looked up at me, as his red eyes shined, and he began talking: "Hello.... The names Dante." I looked at him, turning his head away, as i spoke again: "Your not from around here? Are you?" I asked nicely, but my blue eyes shined from pain inide my heart.
The pup looked away, as he looked back, speaking: "No... i'm not from here.... I don't seem to reamember anything.." The pups voice was so harmless, that it was lonely.
I looked away, as i heard my tummy growl. "You hungry?" I asked, as my blue eyes shined, looking at him. It was windy inside the cave, as the pup turned his head back, his red eyes shined again. "Yes, alittle bit." The pup spoke as he looked away, thinking about something. I ficked my tail, as i stood up, and stretched, padding out of the den. I blinked with my eyes, as i padded away, looking for any down prey.
After five minutes past, i found some elk carcass. I padded closer, as i looked around, seeing nothing, just tree's and cold breez. I looked at the carcass, as i began eating it.
After awhile, i stopted eating, as i saw, there was some left for Dante. I tooked it, as i began running back to the cave.
I padded in, as i saw the pup sittin' in the same spot and looking the same spot as he was.
The pup shrugged as he spotted me coming, i dropted the meat, benife the pups paws, as i padded away, sittin' down, and starting licking my maw from the blood.
That night, i woke up, as i heard screaming, i titeled my head as i saw the pup wigeling and screaming, i nuged him, as he jumped up, his eyes full of fear. I asked the pup: "What's wrong? What happened?" I asked courisely, as the pup looked at me with eyes full of fear. The pup began speaking: "I...I....I saw him.... His houn.....hounting me..." The pup spoke with a tone, of fear. I looked away, as i spoke again: "What? Who? Who is hounting you?" I asked, as i awaited for the pups answer.
It has been already five minutes. As the pup didin't answered. As i flicked my tail, and twitched my ears, looking at the pup, as it falls asleep, and closes his eyes. Shaking in fear......


Season 1 Episode 2 Screaming Inside You

                                                       ~Screaming Inside You~
I woke up, hearing a scream inside my head. I looked up, where Long was, as i saw he was sleeping. I seteled my head down, as i closed my eyes, faling into another dream.
I saw fishe's jumping ut of the river, as i gigelled, and tride to catch some. as i saw a black figure, in the distance. I Spoke Up: "Who are you!?!" I yelled so it could hear me. It turned around, looking at me, as i backed away.
He had a demon face, as i heard voice's inside my head, the voice just screamed, as then i heard it's voice: /"You'll Die!!!"\
The voice was scary, like thousands of souls entered my body, screaming withought any stop.
I woke up from a nuge as i looked up, it was long.
He looked at me with his  blue eyes, watching me, as he spoke up: "You okay? I heard you screaming, is something wrong?"
His voice was nice, but not very nice, as it was with a deep huff. I looked at his blue eyes, as my red eyes blinked.
"No, i'm alright." I spoke up, not caring about my dream. It's not his buissness to know, or is it?
"You sure?" He asked curiousely, as i looked up at him. "Yes, i'm sure." I spoke up with a deep gruft, as i stood up, and padded out of the den, seeing it's dawn.
"I'm going to get some drink." I spoke with a deep gruft as i padded away.
Hearing a voice behinde his body, i looked back. As it was long, speaking.
"May i come with you?" He asked abit looking worried about me.
"Yes, you may." I said not caring, as my red eyes blinked, looking back at the way he padded.
"So, why are you always screaming when your sleeping?" He asked couresly, as i twitched my ears, padding, and begining to speak:
"I do not talk about this much, but he is hounting me..." I spoke with a whisper, as he replied.
"Who? Who is hounting you!?!" He yelled out, as i spoke: "Shhhhh"
"His name is Darken." I spoke up, as they arrived near the water. I leaned down, to get some cool water drink, as he spoke:
"Darken? Who's he?" He asked curiousely.
"Darken....Is M.....a Demon..." At first it sounded, like he waned to say something else, but he didin't.
"Anyways. Where is your family?" I asked a question, awaiting for his answer.
"My family is destroyed..." Long spoke in sadness, but at first it looked like he was angry about it.
Dante looked away from his face, as he saw in the distance, the same reflection, he saw in his dream.
"Oh, no, not now, not here..." He spoke looking at the dark object in the distance, as he turned back to him, his eyes shining like blood.
I heard in my head the same voice's, as in my dream. They said: /"You'll Die!!"\ I spoke up loudly: "No!!!"
Long, heard out his screaming, as he looked at the view of where Dante looked. I didin't saw anyone, but something looked familur, about it. He thought in his mind: /"You!!! I'll Kill You!!"\ He spoke loudly in his mind, as the object dissapierd.
Seeing Dante falling down, i ran towards as i catch him. "You okay?" I saw him closing his eyes, as i placed him on my back, and ran back to the den they were.
I placed Dante carefully, as i saw he is still breathing, but he was unconces. I layied near him, as i placed my head down on his chest, resting together with him.


Season 1 Episode 3 My Servent

  {My Servent}
It all began when Dante was born, my wife was so beautiful and all, but my heart wasn't the same as Dante was born. After the birth my wife gave, i went to get some sleep.
In the middle of the night i heard screaming, i ran to my wife as i saw something black killing her. Dante cried, as i took him, and ran away.
If i was there helping my wife, Dante would of stayied withought any parents, and would of lived like an orphan.
Or worse, he would be killed.
After 5 month's past, i left Dante alone, as i went hunting for food.
My life wasn't the best of all, as i saw the same black think, flying to Dante.
I ran to my son, as i saw the black thing stopted, as i huffed it was only a crow.
I turned back to go hunting, as i saw the black thing, right near my eyes, as he sucked himself in to me.
My son saw it and ran to me as i spoke: "..Run..Dante...Run...AHHHHHHH!!" I became to be controled by the black thing.
My son ran as i told.
That black thing was a demon. As it posesed me.
After 3 month's past. I haven't seen my son, i coulden't see anything, the only thing i saw was killing and blood benife my paws.
After three weeks past, i traveled, i'm sorry, the demon controled me, as i traveled.
I saw Dante, as i was happy, but i coulden't control myself, i went intop the his dream's, as the demon destroyed all of my son's perfect dream's, he began to have nightmare's.
But i saw him again near the water with some sord of another pup, i heard that his name is Long.
I started hounting Dante and the other pup, as i tride to get out of this nightmare but could not.
After 2 month's past, i saw a demoness laying on the ground as the only words she said was these: "..Blood....Give me blood...Blood.." The demon controled me, so he controled my emotents too, as i chucaled. "Hmm, really? You need blood? Fine, i'll give you blood, on one condition, you'll become my servent." The demoness nodded, as i spoke again: "What is your name?" The demoness gave a small smirk, as she then spoke: "My..My name is Chorlote...And..And..yourself?" I gave a small smirk too, as i then spoke: "My name is Darken." She nodded again, as she then started to close her eyes. "Will you become my servent?" I asked again, as she answered weakly: "....Yes...." She spoke up, as i gave a smirk, and slashed my riwst, and gave her my blood, as she then opened her eyes, and her eyes from Puprle became redish purple.


Season 1 Episode 4 The Ending

 Chapter 4 [The Ending]
I woke up, as i saw a dark wolf, he seemed evil as me.."Uhh, what's happening?.....Ugh..Someth---ing..Ugh......."
I spoke up with a little creppy smile: "Hello Darken, my master, how can i serve, you now?" I gave a smirk as i giggeled evily.
Darken spoke: "Find Dante, and bring him to me." He spoke up with an evil smirk, as his red eyes shined with evil, but something inside him tride to get out. Something i don't know....
I ran far away, as my tail slashed from my running. I gave a small growl on every animal that stood in my way.
I finaly arrived, as i saw a den, i saw Dante and some brat with him. I stood still, as i saw night closing in. I waited paitenatly, as my master showed up. "I..Um..Ehh..." I coulden't say a word, as he gave an understandable face, as he spoke: "You think wisely, before striking in." His tone was deep and ruff, as i saw moon up. He gave me a nod, that i can go, as i ran closer. I stepted silently, as Dante walked out. I gave another creppy smile as i ran towards him, apptemting to pouncel on him.
He fell down in a yellow, as it was a silent one. His eyes wided out, as i placed my paw up, and apptempted to un-concest him, as i heard something running may way. I turned as i saw that brat. He attepted to suck his fangs into my flesh, as i stood up, i slashed my tail against his face, as he was about to suck his sharp white fangs into my flesh.
He fell down, as my master showed up. "Finnish him off." He spoke, as i gave a nod, and ran towards that brat, i jumped up, as i leaped on his chest. I opened my jaws widely, as my master watche me, my jaws landed near the brats throuth, as my fangs attempted to suck true his flesh, as i heard a voice: "No, Stop it!!!" It was Dante, who spoke, i felt something bristling me to the ground off of that brat. "Guhh..Uhh..." I coulden't even speak, as i saw what power Dante held. My master smirked as he spoke: "Finnish her off." His words were the last, as he watched me, as i slowly die. "..N-n-n-nooo-o.." I spoke up so weakly, that it was almost understandable. I gave the last frown to my Ex-Master, as i died.
"Good work son." He spoke up, as he looked up to Dante. Dante's eyes glowed with despite. I backed away, as his sight reached mine, i fell down to the ground as he held me, and i coulden't move: "Take it easy Dante." He spoke up, as Dante was stronger then me.
Something began to rage out of me, as i felt the demon floating out of my body. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My jaws wided out as he floated out, and dissapierd.
My jaws closed, as i began to cough, i saw that Dante ran up to me and began to hug. I gigelled as he gigelled too.
"Uhh, what happened...? Where am i...? ohh, my head...." He spoke up, as Darken looked up to Long with eyes of despite. "What?...Is something wrong....?" Long spoke up again.
As Darken spoke: "Your parents called out 'Xiverar' The Devil's King...And all of the Demon's lord." He spoke up. "Then he got out of control, as he killed my wife Pitaghan." He added.
Dante's eyes wided out as Long spoke up: "What?..How?...When?..I didin't knew..They never told me.." He spoke up with questions, as his head dippted down of dissapointment. "I should leave....." He spoke up.
"You berrar." Darken added, as he frowned.
Dante frowned at his father as he spoke: "Father, you can't..His like a brother to me...If you want him out, then i'm out too..." He spoke up bravely, as he stood up for Long.
Darken looked away, as he spoke: "Fine..He can stay...As you too...And be your brother...." He spoke up, as Dante spoke: "Thank you father.." He said, as Long added himself up too: "Thank you sir." He bowed his head in respect, as Darken spoke: "Alright, let's get back to our Kingdom." Long and Dante, nodded, as they walked away into the sunset.
It was over........
                              Or is it?!!!!?
                                Chapter 1 = Long
                             Chapter 2 = Dante
                          Chapter 3 = Darken
                       Chapter 4 = Chorlote, Darken, Dante, Long.


Season 2 Episode 1 The Dieng Wolf

 Forever Alone
I opened my eyes, as i gave a yawn. Another good day, after the battle with 'Xiverar' The Devil's King. I bustred my head to sides, as i take thoes bad thoughts away. I looked around, as i saw 'Chorlote's' spirit. I gave a shocking sight, as my eyes wide out. She was crying, i closede my eyes, as i tiched theme alittle. When i opened, she was gone. "Maybe i'm just imagining.." I spoke up, alittle loud but noticeable as it was a whisper. I padded to my father, as i saw him laying down there on his side, and coughing blood out. "FATHER!!!" I yelled out, as i fell down near my father's side. He spoke up: "....My...Son.....Take the....the...the...the...rulling in your hands...." That was his last words. He pased out, as i placed my paw near his eyes, as i shattered it down, making theme closed. My step-brother ran in, as he spoke up: "What..Happene..." He paused, as he saw Darken's body laying there. "Oh, my god, what happenened to him?" He asked, as he layied near me. I spoke up: "....I woke up, as i saw Charlote's spirit, crying...I nibelled my, then she dissapiered...I padded to our father, as i saw him laying there, as he was dieng....He..He...He said that.." He paused, as Long got concerned about him. As he then spoke up: "What? What did he said?" He asked intrested, as Dante looked up at him: "He said that he passes the rulling to me.." He spoke up. Long looked up, as he frowned. He wasn't happy about it, but it was his father after all, so he accepted, what was.


Season 2 Episode 2 The Lies

The Lies
Looking up to Long, Dante spoke: "Is there something wrong bro?" Dante knew that something was wrong with Long, and all the anger he showed to Dante after the exident that Dante's real father and Long's adopted father died, passing the ruling to Dante.
Long turned to Dante as he spoke: "Everythings fine." He spoke, trying to sound nicely. Dante huffed as he spoke: "Get some rest, i'll go and hunt something." Dante padded out, as Long plopped down on the dusty ground terrain. Huffing he slowly closed his eyes, falling to sleep.
After awhile, Long dreamed about his parents. {"You canno't change what is now. Your my son."} |{"Our son."}| {"Long, don't lie to yourself. Sooner or later you'll have to tell the truth. Your........"} Not finnishing her words, Long woke up by the nuge of Dante. "Hey bro, is everything alright? You kinda scared me out there for a sec." Dante looked with an eye brown up, as he awaited for answer.
Long looked up to Dante as he stood up. He was kinda of abit bigger than Dante, as he spoke with a growling tone: "Get out of my life....." Padding out of the den, he dissapiered in the grassy terrain, by the dust storm passing by.
Dante coulden't know what was wrong with him, as he sat down, looking down, he saw a writting from Long: The lies are here. You'll know the truth, when you want to. Don't trust anyone, even yourself.


Season 2 Episode 3 Who are you?

It was a beatifull and suny day, it was so calm and peacefull, as i felt lonely. Who am i? I'm Dante, a young male who lost the one's he loved. The brute turned towards the tree, it was an oak tree, it looked so lonely, as Dante here was. Hearing a terrible sound of the crow, the sound~ "...kar...kar....kar..." was so horribal as it was not fun to hear it. Padding towards the exit, he shiverd it was so cold, as ice... He looked at right as he saw some structure moving towards him. Dante stept back as he felt something wrong. What was it? Was it the demon again? Or what? While thinking the structure stoped looking at Dante, as he spoke~ "Dante?" he asked. Dante answered~ "yes. Who are you?" the structur smirked, as Dante's eye's widen out.


Season 2 Episode 3 War!

Dante, woke up, as he was confused, where was he? He was just there and now over here? How come?
Dante, heard paw-steps in the den, as he looked around, while standing up.
"So, you've woken up? Eh?" THe one asked. THe voice was, deep and bold, but atleast not very plumsy.
Dante, just looked, til he saw another demon, and asked. "Who are you? Where am i? Why have you broth me here?" The male asked, as he stood up. The demon, just looked, while his red eyes glitered from the small sunshine's blasts.
"Answer ME!!!" Dante yelled.
"Well, because I waned to speak with you....." The demon turned, as he was diffrent, then anyone alike.
"For what? Your lousy chat's? Hah..." Dante, chucaled.
The demon turned, as he frowned. "You think it's game for you? Were at WAR! It's been 2 Year's, til you lied here....." The demon mumbeled.
Dante, was schocked. 2 year's? How? It was like yesterday. "No, no, no, no... It can't be, I was down just for a day!" Dante, spoke clearly.
The demon, turned around again. "No..... You haven't. If you want, I can proove it to you!" The demon spoke.
Dante, spoke up. "No need to..." The male mumbeled. "I'm out of here!" Dante growled.
tHe demon spoke. "Dante, don't be a fool, you'll die out there!!" The demon yelled. "How... How do you know my name?" The male asked.
"Charlote, told me..." The demon spoke, as he watched.


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