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Author Topic: BlueSky's Egg necklaces  (Read 5724 times)

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BlueSky's Egg necklaces
« on: January 09, 2017, 08:46:37 AM »
Welcome To Blue's Egg Necklaces shop//Trade
I have 5 kinds off necklaces :

In the Top Left is Leaf Egg Necklace
In the Top Middle is Blue Speckled Egg Necklace
In Top Right is Crystal Egg Necklace
In the Bottom Left is Star Egg Necklace
In the Bottom Middle is Shadow Necklace
And in Bottom Right is A Shadow Bracelet
I have L and R bracelets

Necklaces is 1 silver each (if price is to high PM me and ill bring it down to 5 bronze but i prefer 1 silver as a good price.)
Bracelets together is also 1 silver (5 bronze 1)

If interested
Just send me the following information
Ingame username: (user here)
Possible meet-up time: (day-of-week/time/day-of-month)
Proof of bronze or silver:

My ingame Username is Blue Sky   F