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Author Topic: sEIZuR's Item Bazaar  (Read 1293 times)

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sEIZuR's Item Bazaar
« on: October 13, 2014, 03:44:07 PM »
You walk up to a small stand, interested in buying some items. You look up, and see a black wolf with his right eye sewn shut.
"'Ello there, chap. Have you come to see my items?"
You nod your head. "What've you got for sale?" You ask.
"See here." He hands you a yellow, crinkled paper, with a coffee ring on the right side. It reads:

'Whiskers; Rainbow x3, Black x2, Brown, White
Eye Patch
I'm a Present!
Christmas Hat
Y&S Token
Raksha's Face
Guitar; Rainbow x4
Just a Note
Bracelet; Rainbow x2, Black Hoop x2
Dagger; Rainbow x3
Tie; Rainbow, Smiley
Winged Wolf Toy; White x4
Rose x4
Egg; Crystal x3
Hat; Christmas
Ribbon; Rainbow
I Love LM
Hammar; Candence x3
I Want Candy'

He asks, "So, what do 'ya need?"

(You'll most likely find me in the default map, on my character Trades)
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Re: sEIZuR's Item Bazaar
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