December 16, 2017, 04:54:59 PM

Author Topic: lolipoptable's garbo  (Read 168 times)

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lolipoptable's garbo
« on: November 16, 2017, 04:22:43 AM »
hey i don't post too often but i thought it might be a neat idea to show some of my art here o:
i usually draw anthros and other beasts, so that's all fun n' cool
Spoiler for Hiden:

some small scenic stuff
Spoiler for Hiden:

skeletor! in ms paint!
Spoiler for Hiden:

more scenic small stuff
Spoiler for Hiden:

some experimental posing art, iunno what i was really going for honestly
Spoiler for Hiden:

the baron of hell from DOOM
theres a lot more to look at if you're interested in seeing my other stuff, hehe
my deviantart is ddddspup!
i'm an artist and animator.
my youtube is
and my deviantart is ddddspup

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Re: lolipoptable's garbo
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 03:58:31 AM »
Such cool art. Momma gotta be proud
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Re: lolipoptable's garbo
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2017, 09:25:12 PM »
goddamn skeletor from he-man LOL i love it xD

Drawing simple things in paint~

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Re: lolipoptable's garbo
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2017, 08:10:48 PM »
Amazing work my dear! Keep it up I would love to see more. :)
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