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Author Topic: Commissions(Now Closed)  (Read 2105 times)

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Commissions(Now Closed)
« on: April 09, 2016, 05:52:24 PM »

Commissions are no longer open, so refrain from PMing me about any presets. Thank you!

Before getting to the actual layout, I'd like to credit Venwolf for allowing me to use a ton of her recent comission thread as my own! It's saved me time, and is extremely helpful of her.

Do not post on this thread, PM me as instructed

1. Aquaranha
2. Lx

*If these slots get filled, please wait until a slot is open

You must pay the 3 diamonds/10 U.S dollars for the in-game preset, I will not.
*Edited, since I do not need extra medals.

-No copyrighted characters
-No already owned species
-Nothing that disobeys Last Moon's code
Exe: Too much gore, ANY sexual content, taboo symbols/words
-No designs/markings owned by another person/copyrighted
-You pay first, and then I will make your preset
-No refunds, be sure you want the preset that you asked for to be in-game
-If you want clothing on it, provide pictures. (No copyrighted clothing)
-You must provide a picture for your preset
-You must specify the bodypars you want for your preset
-No presets that contain too many flashing scrolling

How to make it
-You can draw a reference and PM me the image
-You can ask for a theme and I'll think one up
-You can use another IT server, like Feral Heart, and send me images
-You can use....

Body Parts
Use, http://lastmoon.org/forum/presets-markings/last-moon-body-names-~-preset-help/ , to find which body parts you want

What I can do
-Other species (Like giraffes, dragons, etc)
Examples at:
Old: http://lastmoon.org/forum/presets-markings/preset-dump-by-emubird1/
New: http://lastmoon.org/forum/presets-markings/bunch-more-presets!/

How to Buy One:
1. Get your design image
2. Copy and paste this code into a PM to me:
Code: [Select]
In-game Username:
Name of Preset:
Name of Preset Parts:
Scrolling Parts:
Requested Scrolling Image(s):
4. Pay the correct payment!
5. I'll send you a confirmation image via PM on the forum in which you may request a change
6. You are require to give the 3 diamond to Dutchval and give her the files, the files of which I'll help you download.
(You may also use the 10 dollar payment, I'm just not certain how it works)

Example PM:
In-Game User: Emubird1
Name of Preset: Honeycake
Name of Preset Parts: Body1,Head17,Mane22,Tail11,Wings4,Tuft8
Scrolling Parts: Everything deep yellow needs scrolling
Requested Scrolling Image(s): http://purefragranceoils.com/images/kisses_honey.jpg (Please link me the image in PM)
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