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Author Topic: Preset Requests are OPEN  (Read 5762 times)

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Preset Requests are OPEN
« on: August 01, 2016, 12:53:26 AM »
Hey y'all it's me.

Guess what?
I'm opening preset requests!

I will do scrolls, glow, ghost-y, transparency, animated, and/or scale/waveform/rotate, etc.
Or just plain ol' designs (which are actually my favorite to do.)

Please remember I have the right to refuse your design if it does not follow the game rules or it is against my rules.
I will NOT under any circumstances make a preset of a design that you do not own. Any reference image that I am unsure about as far as it's true owner I WILL BE SEARCHING.

Anyone caught entering a design like this will never be allowed a preset from me again.

Requesting one gets you:

Complete set of images
The file finished and ready for being placed ingame

Requesting one does NOT get you:

Permission to claim the preset as your own.
Permission to copy code from it (learn material coding yourself.)
Getting your preset ingame (this requires payment that I will NOT provide!)

How to Request One:
1. Get your design idea image or description
2. Copy and paste the image and this code into a PM to me:
Code: [Select]
In-game Username:
Name of Preset:
Name of Preset Parts:
Scrolling Parts:
Requested Scrolling Image(s):
3. Skype (venwolf...) or PM it to me.
4. Pay the correct payment!
5. I'll send you a confirmation image via PM on forum or Skype in which you may request changes.
6. I will deliver the files to you! It is entirely your job to get them in the game, but I will provide detailed instructions if you can't understand the official directions and the .zip or .rar file I send will be game-ready..

Example PM:
In-game Username: venwolf
Name of Preset: Venom
Name of Preset Parts: Body1,Head17,Mane22,Tail11,Wings4,Tuft8
Scrolling Parts: Every green part needs to scroll! lelelel!
Requested Scrolling Image(s): Please LINK me to the image instead of provide one, as the texture may end up blurry.