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Presets of FaintSilhouette
« on: February 18, 2015, 06:46:57 PM »

May (Wingless Canine Preset)
I originally started off with a Feral-heart preset I made for May years ago. (around 2011 or so I guess). I salvaged the body texture and tail texture (I modified it to make it fit) to use in my Last Moon preset. May's preset is currently in-game.  I used sully's fur texture to give it a more realistic feel, and Shiro created some eyes several years ago that I could modify and use on May and some of my other characters.

There are numerous UV-related errors in this preset. I had not made an impressive Title preset in over three or four years and had never used the wolf head for a preset before. That said, there is a spot of underfur color between the eyes on the bridge of May's nose that should not be there. Still, for what it is worth, I like how she turned out.

Full Body


Fur (Close up)

Eye (Close up)

Lanetic (Winged Canine Preset)
I recently created a preset for my second main character, Lanetic. I utilized the same eyes that Shiro made for me and recolored them to purple to match Lanetic's eye color. I used Sully's fur texture again and I also must thank Nala_91 big time for helping me fix the UV errors that occured in May's preset, in Lanetic. The spot between the eyes is no longer there on Lanetic's preset, as well as the nose, mouth, and muzzle stripes have been fixed.

Lanetic does have wings. However, she will not always have them on. I've included one screenshot of her wings. Also, unlike May, Lanetic has a harness set up to hold a sword. I was going to physically draw a sword on that preset until I remembered that you cannot do asymmetrical presets on Last Moon! That being said, I made the harness a bit larger and set it up so that when Lanetic is carrying a sword as an item, it will lay across her back on top of the harness. In the end, it all worked out.

Full body, with sword/scabbard harness


Face (Close up)

Eye (Close up)

Lanetic, Rune, and Tiberius drawn by Bazookaneon