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Author Topic: My Art Request  (Read 1768 times)

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My Art Request
« on: December 27, 2016, 02:56:42 PM »
Hello Everyone
I know some of you might be really busy but is it possible
For any Digital Artist  to make me a Drawing or Art peace (whatever you call it) of 2 of my characters ?
BlueSky :

Galexia :

Those are just how the characters look..
If i had to be specific I would like BlueSky looking up at stars and the moon. (with mane blocking face.)
Galexia Sitting in a meadow at sunrise with a pink or white rose in her mouth with some rose bushes and flower patches around where she is sitting. 
Other than that you can make any art peace with these 2
PM me if you want more details about the Characters
Thanks for your time and I would REALLY appreciate it if someone were to draw me the 2 of them.
my Payment to you
you can choose any of the named below
Swirling Star Shard
Bright Space
Diamonds 1-5 a painting
Red Shard
Blue Shard
If it was hard to draw it PM me
(be Honest pleaseee as the following is hard to get)
Ruby's 1-3
Rare items
And if you are not wanting a payment you can make it free too
Please also note that if you actually decide to draw them you don't have to make one of both. I would like it if they were not to be in the same drawing......(each one is own picture(art peace)
You can pick which you want to draw for me but once again ill appreciate it if someone were to draw me both.
I will take as may drawings as i can get of them
Thx for your time
Cant wait to see what happens to my characters
once again
Thank-You  ;) :) ;D :D