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Author Topic: 【Last Moon】An Ultimate Guide 【Help】  (Read 4323 times)

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【Last Moon】An Ultimate Guide 【Help】
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:21:23 PM »
Do you need help with something? Are you in trouble? Well, this thread is the perfect help to try helping you with all of your problems. I will try to explain everything the best I can. I'm just being as helpful as possible, so I hope this truly does help you get around your way with the game and/or forums. Also, please excuse all errors and spelling errors as of I joined only a few months ago + I'm Italian and not English. Let's get started!

The Game
Wait, you need help controlling your character? Well, it's easy! This is a quote from this thread
"Walk/Swim/Fly Controls

W - Go straight.
A - Go to the left.
D - Go to the right.
S - Go back.

C - Fly, Open wings.
Pg Up - Flies upwards.
Pg Dn - Flies downwards.

F - Fighting stance. Press it once to go to it, press it again to go to relaxed (normal).

Click Right Ctrl to spin with A and D and S to back away. Press right ctrl again to get the normal walking mode.
To walk hold shift. To switch between auto run and auto walk hit Caps Lock.
Press your spacebar to jump, press spacebar again (while mid-air) to double jump."

What are characters, exactly? Characters are creatures you use to RP with or just roam around Last Moon with. You can create them with help of this thread.

If you need help finding a portal, just hover your mouse over a blue dot in the map to see the map's title. To find portals click the "-" button which expands the map. Look in the direction of the portal if you want to go to it. In order to zoom back in click "+".

Reporting Bad Members
If you've found a bad member and need to report them, read this or this thread.
Reporting a member is a good way to get rid of rulebreakers. If you've found one, take a screenshot using the PRT SCR button on your keyboard. Go to the forums and sent a PM to a Staff member (Moderator(s) & Administrator(s)). In the PM explain the user's username, character name, what they did wrong. Upload your screenshot and then leave a link to the unedited screenshot that you've just uploaded. If the member continued even after you've reported them, just block them.

It's sad to say other languages like Italian, Greek, Japanese, French, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, German, etc isn't allowed within the website except English. It may be because not all the Staff known a language and therefore if you speak the language, they can't understand you and they need to. Especially if you're reporting someone for bad behavior!

In order to get into the game, you must create an account (your account for the forums isn't connected to the game, sorry). Create a password that's easy to remember but hard to guess. If you ever forget your password use the button to reset your password.  If you feel you've been hacked (which would have been impossible), contact Staff about the unknown hacker and try changing your password immediately!

Password Isn't Valid
If the game says your password/username is invalid and won't log you in, try changing your password. It's possible that you've forgotten your password. If not, try redoing it because you most likely miss-spelled something. If that doesn't work, contact Staff about your issues.

The Forums
The Main Navigation Locations
Home - This page is the homepage of the website, talking about Last Moon and giving you screenshots so you can see what you have ahead of you!

Forums - This is where all the chatter is. You got the Help boards, Discussion boards, even boards for Tutorials. You must be here to view this thread, right? <3

Recent Threads - The title explains it. This link leads to view all the recent threads/topics made on the forums. Sometimes helpful, sometimes useless.

Search - This is very helpful. If you're searching for something important but can't find it on your own, this link will let you search for it by typing in the title and/or keywords.

Profile - Title explains it all, right? This is how to view yourself, the same way others can view you. You can edit your profile by clicking "Account Settings" and using the buttons.

My Messages - This is where you can send PM's and get/read PM's. PM is Private Messages.

Download - In order to get the game, you must click this button. It gives you the rules first before it shows you some links to download things like the game and things to go with the game in case you have trouble.

Logout - This is what you click to get out of your profile to leave the website. It's best not to use this in case you forget your password easily...

See that red button at the top titled "Donations"? Yeah, that! It allows you to donate money to keep Last Moon open and to get really cool things like in-game name color changed, in-game character size change. It's really helpful to click that link and just send in some money, for Last Moon. ~

This, sadly, is the end of my guide. Well, goodbye. I should be going now. ~
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