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Last Moon Shop List
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:10:16 PM »
Last Moon Shop List

Skills NPC

50x Stomp. Price: 1 Bronze
50x Cure. Price:1 Bronze
50x Super Cure. Price:3 Bronze
50x Lunge. Price:1 Bronze
50x Sweep. Price:1 Bronze
50x Backflip. Price:1 Bronze
50x Roar. Price:1 Bronze

Medal NPC

Bronze Medal. Price:2 Broken
10 Bronze Medals. Price:1 Silver
Silver Medal. Price:10 Bronze
10 Silver Medals. Price:1 Gold
Gold Medal. Price:10 Silver
10 Gold Medals. Price:1 Diamond
Diamond Medal. Price:10 Gold
Ruby Medal. Price:10 Diamond

Ruby NPC

Panzer Cannons Item. Price:1 Ruby
Pentagram Shard. Price:2 Ruby
Gray Headphones Item. Price:1 Ruby
Blade Liger Blades Item. Price:1 Ruby
Blade Liger Teeth Item. Price:1 Ruby
Spiked Whale Pet. Price:1 Ruby

Body Items NPC

Rainbow Ribbon. Price:1 Silver
Checkered Bracelet. Price:1 Silver
Red Bracelet L. Price:1 Silver
Red Bracelet R. Price:1 Silver
Rainbow Bracelet L. Price:1 Silver
Rainbow Bracelet R. Price:1 Silver
Spiked Bracelet L. Price:1 Silver
Spiked Bracelet R. Price:1 Silver
Pinkie Bracelet. Price:5 Bronze
Rarity Bracelet. Price:5 Bronze
Cadence Bracelet. Price:5 Bronze
RD Bracelet. Price:5 Bronze
Present Ribbon. Price:3 Bronze
Claws L. Price:1 Silver
Claws R. Price:1 Silver
Tail Feather. Price:5 Silver
Spine 1. Price:1 Silver
Spine 2. Price:1 Silver
Pink Guitar. Price:2 Silver
Soccar Ball Guitar. Price:2 Silver
Rainbow Guitar. Price:1 Silver
Hammer. Price:8 Silver
Cadence Hammer. Price:1 Silver
Blue Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Red Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Dark Blue Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Teal Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Green Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Purple Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Brown Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Gray Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Black Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Pink Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Cloud Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Sunset Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
G&R Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Wave Scrolling Bubble. Price:1 Silver
Chain Bracelet. Price:4 Silver
Purple Checkered Bracelet. Price:1 Silver
Red Checkered Bracelet. Price:1 Silver
MP5 Sub-Machine Gun. Price:6 Silver
Type95 Rifle Gun. Price:6 Silver
UMP Sub-Machine Gun. Price:6 Silver
AWM Sniper Rifle Gun. Price:6 Silver
M16 Gun. Price:6 Silver
AK47 Gun. Price:6 Silver
SA-80 Gun. Price:6 Silver
Walther WA2000 Gun. Price:6 Silver
Red Hoop Bracelet. Price:4 Silver
Black Hoop Bracelet. Price:4 Silver
Blue Hoop Bracelet. Price:4 Silver
Rainbow Hoop Bracelet. Price:4 Silver
Shackle. Price:5 Silver
MineCraft Sword. Price:2 Silver
Dragon Sword. Price:2 Silver
Sharp Claws L. Price:1 Silver
Sharp Claws R. Price:1 Silver

Head Items NPC

Horns. Price:1 Silver
Xaphan Horns. Price:3 Silver
Heart Necklace. Price:1 Silver
Sapphire Necklace. Price:1 Silver
Sickle. Price:1 Gold
Smiley Tie. Price:1 Silver
Blue Bell Collar. Price:1 Silver
Rainbow Tie. Price:1 Silver
Spiked Collar. Price:1 Silver
Shades. Price:1 Silver
Rainbow Shades. Price:2 Silver
Eye Patch. Price:1 Silver
Rose. Price:1 Silver
Twig. Price:6 Bronze
Fangs. Price:1 Silver
Saber Fangs. Price:5 Silver
Bloody Saber Fangs. Price:6 Silver
Nose Ring. Price:2 Silver
Spike Earrings. Price:2 Silver
Rainbow Earring. Price:2 Silver
Pink Earring. Price:2 Silver
Just a Note. Price:2 Bronze
AFK Note. Price:1 Bronze
I Love LM Note. Price:1 Bronze
Brony Note. Price:8 Silver
BOTDF Note. Price:9 Silver
Sexy and I Know It Note. Price:1 Bronze
I Love AL Note. Price:9 Bronze
Candy Note. Price:1 Bronze
Pumpkin Mask. Price:1 Silver
Pumpkin Basket. Price:1 Silver
Halo. Price:2 Silver
Red Glowstick. Price:1 Silver
Blue Glowstick. Price:1 Silver
Green Glowstick. Price:1 Silver
Yellow Glowstick. Price:1 Silver
Blue Headphones. Price:3 Silver
Green Headphones. Price:3 Silver
Red Headphones. Price:3 Silver
Yellow Headphones. Price:3 Silver
Curved Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
White Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
Black Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
Blue Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
Pink Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
Green Unicorn Horn. Price:1 Gold
Black Fedora. Price:1 Silver
Blue Fedora. Price:1 Silver
Orange Fedora. Price:1 Silver
Purple Fedora. Price:1 Silver
Red Fedora. Price:1 Silver
Chain Collar. Price:5 Silver
Forward Horns. Price:4 Silver
Devil Horns. Price:4 Silver
War Horns. Price:5 Silver
Long Antlers. Price:4 Silver
Spiny Crest. Price:4 Silver
Cheek Spikes. Price:4 Silver
Triceratop Horns. Price:4 Silver
Curved Back Horns. Price:4 Silver
Deer Antlers. Price:4 Silver
Crocodile Mask. Price:8 Bronze
Eagle Mask. Price:8 Bronze
Muzzle. Price:5 Silver
Dragon Helmet. Price:5 Silver
Red Dragon Helmet. Price:5 Silver
Pentagram Necklace. Price:4 Silver
Wolfpaw Necklace. Price:4 Silver
Lionpaw Necklace. Price:4 Silver
Cookie. Price:2 Silver
Pizza. Price:2 Silver
Cigarette. Price:1 Silver
Leaf. Price:1 Silver
Bull Horns. Price:1 Silver
Spiked Horns. Price:1 Silver
Goat Horns. Price:1 Silver
Purple Collar. Price:1 Silver
Harmony Necklace. Price:1 Silver
Bloody Collar. Price:1 Silver
Rainbow Halo. Price:1 Silver
Blue Halo. Price:1 Silver
Black Top Hat. Price:1 Silver
Green Top Hat. Price:1 Silver
Blue Top Hat. Price:1 Silver
Gray Top Hat. Price:1 Silver
Sora Necklace. Price:3 Gold
Brown Ears. Price:1 Silver
Grey Ears. Price:1 Silver
RWw's Animated Ears. Price:1 Gold
Spotted Ears. Price:1 Silver
Blue Lollipop. Price:5 Bronze
Yellow Lollipop. Price:5 Bronze
Rainbow Lollipop. Price:5 Bronze
Green Lollipop. Price:5 Bronze
Dragon Bane. Price:1 Silver

Free Items and Pets NPC

White Winged Wolf Toy Item. Price:Free
Rainbow Dagger Item. Price:Free
White Moth Pet. Price:Free

Shards NPC

Tail Fire. Price:5 Gold
Blue Tail Fire. Price:5 Gold
Fire Shard. Price:6 Gold
Green Shard. Price:6 Gold
Red Shard. Price:6 Gold
Blue Shard. Price:6 Gold
Space Shard. Price:4 Gold
Swirling Star Shard. Price:4 Gold
Bright Space Shard. Price:4 Gold
Left Paw Fire. Price:5 Gold
Right Paw Fire. Price:5 Gold
Left Blue Paw Fire. Price:5 Gold
Right Blue Paw Fire. Price:5 Gold
Flower Paw L. Price:1 Gold
Flower Paw R. Price:1 Gold

Boss and Praise Pet NPC

Heart Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Ursa Minor. Price:5 Gold
Stick Figure Bunny. Price:4 Gold
Mutant Hare. Price:4 Gold
Baby Penguin. Price:3 Gold
Penguin. Price:2 Gold
Great Hawk. Price:4 Gold
Giant Manta Ray. Price:6 Gold
Overgrown Gazelle. Price:4 Gold
Skyscraper. Price:5 Gold
Earthshaker. Price:5 Gold
Great Wildebeest. Price:4 Gold
Duckling. Price:2 Gold
Sea Sarpent. Price:5 Gold
Rainbow Hare. Price:2 Gold
Opal. Price:2 Gold
Lyra Heartstrings. Price:2 Gold
Nyan Cat. Price:2 Gold
Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Albino Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Tuxedo Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Tortie Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Saimese Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Calico Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Black Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Rainbow Kitten. Price:2 Gold
Massive Rat. Price:4 Gold
Haunted Tower. Price:7 Gold
Zombie Dragon. Price:6 Gold
Spike. Price: 4 Gold
Blue Dragon. Price:4 gold
Star Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Forest Dragon. Price:5 Gold
Toothless. Price:5 Gold
Spirit Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Halloween Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Flame Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Morpho Butterfly. Price:2 Gold
Zebra Butterfly. Price:2 Gold
Green Butterfly. Price:2 Gold
Starfish. Price :2 Gold
Husky Puppy. Price:2 Gold
Yellow Dragon. Price:6 Gold
Land Dragon. Price:6 Gold
Faerie Dragon. Price:5 Gold
Flying Panther. Price:5 Gold
Dust Faerie. Price:5 Gold
Ault Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Shark. Price:5 Gold
T-Rex. Price:5 Gold
Imperial Dragon. Price:4 Gold
Swallowtail Butterfly. Price:2 Gold
Monarch Butterfly. Price:2 Gold
Lunar Moth. Pice:2 Gold
Death Horse. Price:4 Gold
Famine Horse. Price:4 Gold
Pestilence Horse. Price:4 Gold
War Horse. Price:4 Gold


Hare. Price:1 Bronze
Dire Hare. Price:2 Bronze
Gummy. Price:2 Bronze
Beaver. Price:3 Bronze
Condor. Price:3 Bronze
Polar Bear Cub. Price:3 Bronze
Angel Bunny. Price:2 Bronze
Brown Bunny. Price:2 Bronze
B&W Hare. Price:2 Bronze
Hawk. Price:1 Bronze
Tumbleweed. Price:1 Bronze
Trout. Price:1 Bronze
Minnow. Price:1 Bronze
Koi. Price:1 Bronze
Goldfish. Price:1 Bronze
Yellow Dark Frog. Price:2 Bronze
Blue Dart Frog. Price:2 Bronze
Red Dart Frog. Price:2 Bronze
Dire Hawk. Price:2 Bronze
Mocking Jay. Price:5 Bronze
Manta Ray. Price:5 Bronze
Dire Ray. Price:8 Bronze
Salmon. Price:1 Bronze
Jackalope. Price:3 Bronze
Gazelle. Price:1 Bronze
Greater Gazelle. Price:2 Bronze
Zebra. Price:2 Bronze
Dire Zebra Price:4 Bronze
Zombie Zebra. Price:1 Silver
Giraffe. Price:2 Bronze
Albino Giraffe. Price:2 Bronze
Greater Giraffe. Price:4 Bronze
Rainbow Giraffe. Price:3 Bronze
Rainbow Duck. Price:3 Bronze
Elephant. Price:4 Bronze
Elder Elephant. Price:1 Silver
Wildebeest. Price:2 Bronze
Albino Wildebeest. Price:2 Bronze
Bunny. Price:1 Bronze
Dire Wildebeest. Price:4 Bronze
Fennec Fox. Price:1 Bronze
Dire Fennec Fox. Price:3 Bronze
Snake. Price:3 Bronze
Python. Price:1 Silver
Hummingbird. Price:5 Bronze
Peacock. Price:4 Bronze
Bat. Price:1 Bronze
Brown Bat. Price:1 Bronze
Albino. Price:1 Bronze
Zombie Dog. Price:1 Silver
Okapi. Price:3 Bronze
Sea Snake. Price:3 Bronze
Mouse. Price:2 Bronze
Frog. Price:2 Bronze
Red Panda. Price:2 Bronze
Panda. Price:3 Bronze
Shadowgrazer. Price:2 Silver
Nightmare. Price:3 Silver
Skyshroud. Price:2 SIlver
Howler. Price:2 Silver
Feathered Mist. Price:2 Silver
Hopping Spook. Price:1 Silver
Baby Dragon. Price:5 Silver
Vulture. Price:5 Bronze
Nautilus. Price:5 Bronze
Praying Mantis. Price: 5 Bronze
Raven. Price:3 Bronze
Neon Raven. Price:1 Silver
Eagle. Price:3 Bronze
Winter Hare. Price:2 Bronze
Osprey. Price:3 Bronze
German Shepherd. Price:1 Silver
Siberian Husky. Price:1 Silver
Cat. Price:1 Silver
Two-Headed Dragon. Price:3 Silver
Armadillo. Price:2 Silver
Basilisk. Price:5 Silver
Chromatic Dragon. Price:4 Silver
Crab. Price:1 Silver
Crane. Price:2 Silver
Cricklet. Price:2 Silver
Deer. Price:1 Silver
Dragon Hawk. Price:3 Silver
Arctic Fox. Price:1 Silver
Rhino. Price:1 Silver
Water Buffalo. Price:1 Silver
Phoenix. Price:3 Silver
Turtle. Price:2 Silver
Druid Cat. Price:4 Silver
Buck Gryff. Price:3 Silver
Gryphon. Price:3 Silver
Fish. Price:5 Bronze
Baby Peacock. Price:1 Silver
Frosted Horse. Price:1 Silver
Dapple Horse. Price:1 Silver
Roen Horse. Price:1 Silver
Pinto Horse. Price:1 Silver
Palamino Horse. Price:1 Silver
Smoke Horse. Price:1 Silver
Bay Horse. Price:1 Silver
Appaloosa Horse. Price:1 Silver
Raccoon. Price:3 Bronze
Whitewolf. Price:1 Gold
Fawn. Price:5 Bronze
Doe. Price:6 Bronze
Buck. Price:7 Bronze
Dark Zebra. Price:5 Bronze
Snow Hawk. Price:5 Bronze
White Peahen. Price:5 Bronze
White Peacock. Price:5 Bronze
Berry Peahen. Price:5 Bronze
Royal Peahen. Price:5 Bronze
Berry Peacock. Price:5 Bronze
Royal Peacock. Price:5 Bronze
Pheasant. Price:5 Bronze
Peahen. Price:5 Bronze
Guinea Hen. Price:5 Bronze
Kelpie Horse. Price:5 Bronze
Brown Wolf. Price:2 Silver
Unicorn. Price:2 Silver

Item Buyer NPC



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Re: Last Moon Shop List
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Note: These will change with the new update, and I removed the mass of red text for you.
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Re: Last Moon Shop List
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thx zaro and thats ok ill update it when the game updates :)