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« on: August 30, 2017, 06:03:07 PM »
Name: Margaret
Age: 13
Disability(s): Autism Spectrum Disorder (Mild Border of spectrum)  Social Anxiety and Myopia (Nearsighted) 
Siblings: Madison (Older Brother, 16, Also has Autism, but very Social)
Gender: Female
Likes: Webkinz, Animal Jam, Sea Rescue, Minecraft, Warrior cats: Untold Tales, Being alone, computers, Drawing, and  Orca Encounter
Fave Music Artists: Taylor Swift, Evanescence, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Genesis, Florence and the Machine, Shawn Mendes, Gin Wigmore, Avril Lavigne,  Alice in Chains, Seaworld Music, Peter Gabriel

Personality: Shy, thoughtful, Smart, Quiet. (Don't Expect Me to Chat much)
Favorite Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia
Favorite books: The Outsiders, Warriors (Sometimes)
Fave TV shows: Thomas and Friends, The Lion Guard, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (Don't Laugh at meh!:( )

Favorite Animals: Snow Leopards, Orcas, Cats, Horses, big cats, Basset hounds ( I have 3)
Animals i dislike: Dogs, wolves, other Canines ( No Offense)
Pets: Cookie (Sheltie Springer Spainel mix), Miffy (Polydactyl American ShortHair Mix), Maisy (Polydactyl Maine coon Calico mix), Molly (Basset Hound),  Whnnie (Inbred Basset hound), Rudy (Basset hound)

If a child can't can't learn the way we teach, Maybe we should teach the way they learn.
~Ignacio Estrada