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Author Topic: A new map idea  (Read 1018 times)

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A new map idea
« on: December 14, 2015, 05:01:27 PM »
(I can't stop suggesting things halp)
Hehhahhoh it's me again with a new suggestion, this time regarding maps! So I have this one idea, since I'm not the most creative person walking on earth but oh well hope you like it.
So I was thinking about an arena. I don't know what the walls could b made of, just some unclimbable cliffs? Anyways, there could be some of the most powerful creatures in the game like dragons and things like that (haven't really orientated in those so sorry) so that more skillful players and hunters could go there and test their luck in fighting. I'm aware that there's already this forest (don't remember the name) where are some dragons that are pretty though but this would be those all creatures combined, land animals and flying animals. For the materials of the place, the ground could maybe be solid rock or just earth that has been trampled down. This should by no means be a happy-looking place because that's the place where furious fighting happens. Arena needn't to be very big either, but enough that some 'monsters' fit in without problem. It would be pretty weird if you should actually search for your opponents from an arena so just thinking about that. The name of this place could be just "Arena" something that fitting :D
Anyways, there's my idea, hope you enjoy ^-^

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