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Author Topic: Challenges?  (Read 1571 times)

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« on: February 25, 2019, 09:56:28 PM »
I kinda sprung this idea looking for sims 4 challenges I could do and thought of this bad boy~

Examples of challenges:

Have a challenge where you have to collect or kill multiple of a type of animal, but where anyone can participate and it's not to difficult like fight bosses since some people may not be strong enough. Each player participating will get a certain amount of heals, if they die they lose the challenge and have to start over. It'll kinda be like how the quests are where it logs the player's health, the time you have until the event is over, limited lives (if wanted) and how many things you need to collect/kill.

Now I know nothing about coding and such but I'm sure anybody that does could make an understanding of what I'm trying to say here:

To make it easier on the Host (Admin), it should come with its own command such as something along these lines:
/event start time event_name
Ex: /event s 4h Elk_Challenge

And it would start the event for everyone, so 1. you don't have to do it manually to each player and 2. everyone who has an account that has been online in the past 6 months or more months will get the challenge.

It would show up with the rest of your quests but have [Challenge] highlighted in blue next to the title so it stands out from regular quests.

Anyone can win the challenge, there is no single winner. Participates tho may not have any combat pets on there character or it will not let the user participate/move forward in the quest. Chat would spam in red (only to player) "Unable to continue challenging because user wields combat pet" or some shit and will restrict the player from continuing. It may also display itself on screen if you have the challenge selected and try to kill an animal.

This all I have so far, I will add to it soon.

Note to Developers: If you have any questions or want more ideas or questions feel free to DM me here or Discord: NeeQuinzel#5163. I would love feedback and maybe even more added ideas to my suggestion.

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