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Author Topic: Veterans Day  (Read 861 times)

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Veterans Day
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:15:50 PM »
Hello all, I made this post in dedication to all the men who died, and all the people who served fighting for us. I would like to wish you all happy Veterans day, in saying a little prayer for all the military people, as my cousin Elaina was one for 3-4 years, she served in the Military. She is still alive(Thank god). (Prayer): “God, please let every veteran of our nation’s armed forces feel truly and appropriately honored by the attention and appreciation of their fellow citizens. Let no one feel forgotten or neglected. Let every man and woman, young or old, feel the deep and enduring gratitude of our nation and its inhabitants.”  For all of you who had a family member in the military and they lost their lives fighting, I pray for you each and everyday. I know some of you may not believe in religion, and I (kinda don't) but this is for the veterans, so I did it for them even though I am not much into prayers and religion. May your Veterans Day, be blessed. Thank you.
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Re: Veterans Day
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2017, 06:51:31 PM »
 I'm a little late, but it's just something a little funny that happened to me. I'm in AFJROTC ( Air force junior reserve officer training corps, some people might be familiar with this since they have different branches of ROTC located across America as far as I know. )

 Anyway, for Veterans day, Sargent hosted an Honor guard to go to a parade. So, being me, I signed up and on the day that we went, I actually managed to put my hair up the correct way. ( It is quite the struggle. you're not supposed to have flyaways when you're a female, and my hair is very curly, so it often defies hair-spray and hair gel ) Although I did mess up on the tag and put it on the wrong side of the uniform, high school ROTC is a little forgiving, and we had a uniform inspection in the morning so that we could fix up everything.

 Probably one of the best parts were when two police officers escorted the bus to the location we're supposed to be at. ( Since there was slight traffic, they allowed us to go past red lights so we'd be there on time. )
 It was very cold outside, even though we had the thick service coat, we don't have much to keep our ears and face from being bitten by it.
 Although, once we got to the parade, we could see that there were ( what seemed to be ) elementary school students on both sides of the sidewalk, and other veterans there to celebrate the parade.

 Apparently several people did have to fall out. ( But since I was near the front, element 3 I believe. ) I couldn't see much behind me, so I must've been some people in the back.
 Some kid on the side yells " OMG SHE HAS A SWORD " ( The Sabre team commander did have a sword, and holy moley, the kids reaction was so adorable. )
 The hardest part about the parade, was actually saluting, I feel a little embarrassed after putting my hand down a few times, but just to give an example, try holding your arm up for more than three to six minutes, that's a little difficult when you're a airmen basic, and you haven't been involved in too much physical training  :-X
 The second hardest part to me (I imagine this wouldn't be hard for others, but I do have osgood shlatters in my knee. ) was actually standing up the entire time, and marching. So it was pretty hard to fall in step with the person in front of me, the flight commander asked me several times if I had to fall out, but I refused, not wanting to embarrass myself.

 Anyway, the parade was amazing, and veterans day has to be one of my favorite holidays, in my opinion.

Sorry for the long post.  ;D Thought it would be nice to share my personal experience with you all.
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