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Forum Rules
« on: September 06, 2014, 01:57:45 AM »
By registration on our forum and playing the game you agree to read and follow our rules.
If the rules ain't followed there will be consequences.

1. Do NOT spam
You're not allowed to multi-post, meaning creating more than one thread with same content. This also includes posting multiple times after one another. Also do not post again and again on your topic to add stuff, use the edit button. Single worded posts are also counted as spam, including posts with all caps. Please stay on topic!

2. Do not bump old threads
Please do not post on a thread that hasn't been posted on for 3 weeks or more. e.g. Last Post - 1 month ago. If an old thread is bumped, the person will be warned and that thread will be locked & possibly deleted.

3. Keep swearing to a limit
Yes, we allow slight swearing, but it doesn't mean you can go all crazy with it. Using more than one cuss word in a post is forbidden.

4. Advertising is allowed!
As long as a link isn't provided(this includes in signatures too). People will have to PM you for the link to what ever you're advertising. All Advertising Belongs In The General Section. Please do not advertise staff positions for other games/websites either.

5. Respect the staff
The staff are in charge of this forum, and if they tell you to stop - you listen! They also run this forum, so if you disagree with something, please PM them instead of making posts or threads complaining.

6. No public humiliation
If something doesn't go your way or you're unhappy with something, do not complain harshly to the public. PM a moderator. You will be harshly warned if you rant and rage explicitly.

7. Do not discuss about bans/reports!
Do not post a topic with a report or asking why you were banned. Instead, contact an admin or the mod who banned you. To report a user, you need to provide screenshot and username of the person and tell us in short what happened.

8. Only one account per person!
You're only allowed to have one account, both on forum and ingame. If a staff member catches you having more than one, you will be PM'd and have 2 days to reply. If you do not reply, your sub accounts will be deleted.

9. English only!
We understand that not everyone can speak English but this is an English forum/game. If you don't understand English, use a translator or do not join/play.

10. Only a single image in signatures
Only one image is allowed in each persons forum signature.

11. No inappropriate usernames
If we see you with a forum account with a inappropriate username your account will be deleted without warning. If your forum nickname is something inappropriate staff will change it.
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