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Updates & News / Dawn of Eternity
« on: May 30, 2017, 12:18:46 PM »

credits to quammar

Dawn of Eternity
Dawn of Eternity is Last Moon's successor, as well as sister game! In an effort to better strengthen these ties, we're going to make each game's information available on the other game's forums.

Released for Alpha testing, constantly updated with brand-new unique content, beautiful playable models and fun new quests. We've done away with the common Impressive Title models and made new ones exclusively for DoE. These include Canine, Equine and Feline with beautiful, layered markings. There is a brand new map making and preset making system, with easy and sharp UV's and in-game map commands and a simple World system.

The new features include:

  • Three unique player models
  • Currency and banking system
  • Pack/Group system
  • All new items exclusive to DoE
  • New and unique prey to hunt
  • All new maps to explore
  • Improved Preset system
  • Item Presets
  • Automatic preset downloads and updates
  • Asymmetrical eyes both colour and style
  • Layered markings with individual colouring
  • Fur selection
  • Easy to use map maker & custom map support
  • Quest system with progression and rewards
  • Beautiful sky system
  • Multiple Pets
  • And much much more!

Spoiler for Hiden:

You can find the game download at our website here:
Don't forget that LM and DOE Discord chats are Merged together. If you want to chat on Discord, I recommend you pop over to our Server, using this link: https://discord.gg/UkGwycs

Leaving/Hiatus / Temporary Hiatus
« on: May 03, 2017, 05:06:25 PM »

So you guys probably dont see me much online anyways lately, but now i definitely will be going on a 2-3 week hiatus, depending on how much I need.

If you guys didnt know before, but I've been studying pretty hard, and I'm currently in my final exams (I should be studying for them rn but y'all should be informed anyways)

They're vital for me to get into my University, so I'm working my goddamn ass of to get the grades!

Anywho the exams last for another two weeks, and probably 3 including a temporary break from everything and prom.

Idk, wish me luck in finals? I'm gonna fuckin need it for physics ohlordy

Have a meme or two as a reward for reading or someshitidk
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVUyQC7AE0Q" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVUyQC7AE0Q</a>

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47VaH50Darg" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47VaH50Darg</a>

Old News / The Onslaught of the Frost Giants
« on: August 06, 2016, 09:33:28 PM »
The Onslaught of the Frost Giants

Out on the many plains of Last Moon, a hidden plague has fallen. In colder climates, something evil has been stirring. The feathered inhabitants of these icy plains have noticed an odd change in the surrounding icy hills, which oddly enough, has resulted in many ice structures coming to lifeÖ

Can you help these feathered inhabitants out?

The penguins of these icy maps need your help! And whatís better to help them than their own species? With tons of new content, that task is no light burden!

The ChangeLog
Itís finally here! After many mishaps, delays, and turbulent travels, Itís finally done! So this is what we have to offer:
    • New Maps! All Ice Themed! You can find the portal in the Ice map!
    • New prey! Fight against the plague bringing the ice to life!
    • New items! The penguins want to show their sense of gratitude, at a price of course!
    • New NPCs! Witness the penguins in their feathery glory!
    • New Quests! Help the feathery inhabitants with their troubling plague!
    And the pride and glory of this update:
    A new player model! Join our feathered friends and fight back against the plague!

    Last Words!

    This update wouldnít be complete if it werenít for the awesome Development team of Last Moon. However it would be a disgrace if we didnít highlight one of our staff members in particular.
    A huge shout out to Vessan, without her this update would still be in concept phase! With her hard work and perseverance, we can now present this update to you in its full glory! Make sure to give her a huge thanks if you see her ingame or on the forums!

    Live Stream / 3D Modeling/Animation Random Streams [OFFLINE]
    « on: June 04, 2016, 08:22:28 PM »
    Sometimes I randomly do streams once in a blue moon if my internet allows/I'm home alone/I'm working and thought it would be fun
    I usually don't see chat messages until I randomly check it during stream
    Here's the link:
    Come and join the fun/See what I'm up to :P

    OFFLINE: GPU crashed LOL I'm not gonna push it anymore

    Old News / A way Overdue Thread *PLEASE READ*
    « on: May 07, 2016, 05:24:46 PM »
    Heya Everyone! We're not dead! I promise!
    And I finally have some stuffs to show you, now that dutch finally got some shit done!

    So first things first, There's 3 things I wanna talk about:
    1) The Winter Update
    2) Opening Staff Applications
    3) Discord Channel (waitwhat)

    Winter Update

    There's a sneak peak for ya ;)
    We've got a set of new items, prey, maps, AND NPCs coming up for you guys as well as some quests to accompany them
    All of the textures, models and much of the main concepts come from our very own talented Vessan, so if you happen to catch her ingame, don't forget to give her a big thanks!

    Opening Staff Applications

    So we need another moderator ingame to keep up with the troublemakers currently ingame.
    Many of our current higher ups have gone MIA and no way of contacting them, unfortunately.
    So we need at least one, maybe two moderators to help us out.
    We also may be looking for a coding dev, so if anyone has a niche for that, please make an application, and we may consider it.


    Discord? wats a discord deutchvaal?
    Discord works much like Skype and Teamspeak, but with more capabilities.
    I've considered a massive Last Moon Skype group for everyone to join in on, however Skype has limitations on permissions, and its capabilities so it never came to be.
    However, since Discord is becoming more of a hit, I'm sure a hand full of you have an account on there by now.
    I've set up a rough outline of a Discord already, all I need now are the people to use it xD
    The channel will probs get more fleshed out the more we use it, so keep that in mind!
    Here's the link to join: https://discord.gg/0cU82iW2ttaUbTCo

    Mini-Games / Revival of What are you listening to?
    « on: April 18, 2016, 09:15:49 AM »
    So out of curiousity

    I was wondering,

    What kind of songs you guys currently listen to?
    Link some YT vids down below and share some of your favorite songs.
    You can discuss them to, or link people songs that they may or maynot like!

    Anywho to start off:
    Thanks to this up and coming MAP:
    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYY7OwvrziI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYY7OwvrziI</a>

    I'm now eternally hooked on this song:
    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYs_ypAk2hc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYs_ypAk2hc</a>

    There's no limit to how many vids you can post, but please don't go so far as to spam xD

    Leaving/Hiatus / I guess this is goodbye....
    « on: April 01, 2016, 06:48:56 AM »
    Hey guys

    I know this will come as a bit of a shock to most of you
    but I'm going to finally quit LM
    The stress has just become too much, and
    I'm struggling to juggle real life with my internet life
    (I guess you could call it)
    Regardless I realise my time is coming to a quick end,
    Seeing as though college/university is coming up in about a year.
    So before I have to make an excruciating task of saying good bye to everyone,
    I'll just take my quick exit.
    I'll be here on the forums to see your replies,
    And I'll come on probably just as frequently as I am now.

    Goodbye All

    Leaving/Hiatus / Hiatus for a good while
    « on: December 27, 2015, 12:00:54 AM »
    Something came up and I'm going to be taking a long needed break for my own emotional and mental health. I just need to get back on track.

    You might or might not see me online every once in a while.

    I won't be taking care of ingame issues for this period of time.


    Old News / Dutchval did a woops {Important for Presets!}
    « on: December 07, 2015, 07:44:08 PM »
    Hi there!

    As most of you may or may not know
    The presets and their updates have been.........
    severely delayed.

    Welp missy here
    (Dutchval) Got herself into a pickle.
    Some how, one way or another, I lost the files for the presets that I had downloaded, and now I have no idea where I put them or which ones are officially in the server files or not.
    Yesyes, go ahead and start beating me over the head, I know I deserve it.

    However, do not fret! Those who have entered a preset and paid for it, you still will get your preset ingame!
    For I have come up with a solution!

    It's very simple, and it will get me back on track without me either growing grey hairs or pulling out hairs altogether.
    For those of you who are reading this, have paid for a preset, AND have sent me it over PM, keep reading! If this does not apply to you, or you already have your presets, you can go on with your day!
    Those of you who are still reading, all you have to do is:

    Send me it again via Forum PM! Yay! When you do, I will immediately throw the preset(s) into the server and it will come out with the next update.

    Thank you all for reading, and I am so sorry for the inconvenience! I promise that your presets will get ingame, one way or another!


    « on: May 21, 2015, 07:11:13 PM »


    General / Antivirus suggestion thread
    « on: November 21, 2014, 10:49:17 AM »
    Hello there!

    I wanted to make a thread where I (And you guy too) can suggest antivirus programs to users, because I (And probably all of you guys too) have seen so many Game Help Threads stating/ relating that they have issues with their antivirus and cannot update/download/play the game!
    Post here if you have a good antivirus program that runs perfectly well, does not block Last Moon, and keeps your computer squeaky clean of viruses and such!

    Personally, for my large desktop computer, I use two programs: Microsoft Security Essentials, and a less known program, AdwCleaner. Microsoft Security Essentials if great at keeping most viruses away, and does it job perfectly, even running in the background and doing its own scans on a schedule you can plan yourself, wether it be daily, weekly, monthly..... yearly(Not recommended though xD)! And it even allows you to set the max CPU limit it can use whilst scanning in the background. AdwCleaner, is a bit more finicky though. AdwCleaner finds all the little things that Microsoft Security Essentials (Without intention) Skipped over. It took me a while before getting this program, out of the common fear that it is a malware program itself. But after multiple review sites, and reading up on it, I tried it out and downloaded, and it surprisingly enough found stuff that I didn't even think would be in my computer! Funny how those little things squirm in right under our nose, Eh? But yes, it works beautifully, first scanning your computer, and then fully removing them from your computer, after a quick restart of your computer. The only downside, is that it is not like Microsoft Security Essentials, and it does not run automatically on your computer. So you will manually, every month or few months, go in, do a quick scan on AdwCleaner, and do a clean up. The thing that makes these two programs the best ever, is that they are everything but invasive. You will never even notice that they are there, because they always run in the background (Minus AdwCleaner, of course!). So you will never see a thing, unless Microsoft Security Essentials finds a virus or something.

    So yes, These two have been on all of my computers, I've even put them on all of my family computers, and all computers couldn't possibly run any faster, or be any cleaner!

    Too Long; Didn't Read: I use Microsoft Security Essentials and AdwCleaner. Literally the best two programs I could find right now. MSE is Automatic, and runs in the background of your computer. AdwCleaner may seem suspicious, but I've been using it and it's worked better than most official programs that you could buy. AdwCleaner is not Automatic, and you need to run the program every once in a while to clear out what MSE missed.

    Tutorials / How to make a Preset/Preset Tutorial
    « on: November 17, 2014, 04:05:27 PM »
    Taken from the old Last Moon board, All credit goes to RakshaWw who originally created the thread
    Easy Last Moon Preset Tutorial
    Even if you've made a preset before, you may want to read over this thread since making them for LM is slightly different than what you may be used to.
    Under each step is an image. The links are white so high-light the whole thread to see them if you need to.

    1) Find your Last Moon0.3 folder, located where ever you installed the game to.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    2. Go into the Preset Materials folder, located in Game > Media > Materials > Scripts > Presets.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    3. At the very top of the list in there is a 1.PS_Character file. Open it with Notepad or another txt editor.
    This is the Material file for your preset, where all the coding side of your preset goes.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    4. Edit all of the 'Character' parts to your characters name.
    This does not include the actual file name. Keep it as 1.PS_Character for now.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    4.5. If you want to add extra codes to have transparent, glowing or animated/scrolling preset textures, look at the second post on this thread(Will add later).

    5. Save the file, keep it open if you want/can.
    Go into the 1.UVs folder, located in Game > Media > Materials > Textures > Presets > 1.UVs
    This folder contains all of the UVs used in LM.
    Note that CharacterBody2Tex is the UV for the Original body, but CharacterBodyTex is the UV for every other body.
    If you decide to use the Original body to make a preset for, change the 'texture presets\CharacterBodyTex.png' part in the MATERIAL file to 'texture presets\CharacterBody2Tex.png'.
    You can click on the More UV Maps browser icon to get links to more specific UVs like UVs for different heads, wings, manes, tails etc.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    6. Rename all of the images to your character name.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    7. Copy/Cut all of the images and paste them into the Presets folder.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    8. Open the UVs with a image editor program (Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Sai and MsPaint won't be best for presets).
    Color the images to what you want your preset to be.
    Save once done, they should be saved as .PNG files into the Presets folder, replacing the ones you pasted in there from the 1.UVs folder in step 5.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    9. Go back into the Game folder. Open the Preset.Campaign file.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    10. Edit the 'Unit_Create=PLAYER,Unit,Body1,Head4,Mane16,Tail15,Wings4,PS_CharacterMat,Tuftless' line to include the right body parts you want to use (more information on this is in the post below this one). Replace the PS_CharacterMat with your characters name.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    11. Open the game. Click on the Testing button. Click on the Preset button.
    Your character should now have your textures on it. If yes, edit your textures to your desire. If no and your character is plain white, read over the previous steps.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    12. Once you're happy with all of your preset textures and you're done, create a new folder some place you will remember (/documents maybe would be best)called your characters name and copy and paste all of your presets textures into that folder.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    13. Go back to the LM Preset Materials folder. Rename 1.PS_Character to remove the 1. and replace Character with your characters name.
    Then copy and paste that in to your folder.
    Spoiler for Hiden:

    14. Your preset is now all done and is correctly formatted to work in Last Moon.

    Requests & Commissions / Photoshop request
    « on: October 26, 2014, 12:58:55 PM »
    Well thanks to this thing

    I found out what my true destiny is.......
    Making ridiculous images in Photoshop. :)

    SO on that note, I want to see what else I can photoshop :L
    So any weird/ridiculous photoshop requests?

    To Do List (Making this in advance)
    1) Werfeng

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