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Discussion & Suggestions / Some Suggestions
« on: August 13, 2014, 06:08:31 PM »
- Make the in-store names match the real names EXACTLY. Items can trick you; see here
- Add pictures or descriptions to the store items. It's nice to know exactly what you're buying
- REopen the"buy item" store
- Add different collars and colors (brown leather collar ,red pet collar, red spiked collar, purple pet collar, etc)
- Add a gryphon head WITHOUT ears
- Add marking options for wings
- Let us TYPE exact values in character creation
- Fix the broken portals/textures (waterfall crashes, some things are textureless)
- Add a way to let us know which dimension friends are in
- Let us "teleport" to friends
Added 8/16:
-Fix the clipping issues with the "bell" / "blue bell collar"
Added  8/18:
-Fix the clipping issues with the ground and random invisible walls

Thank-you for reading!

So I killed 100 things to get some money so that I could buy a "purple collar" in store. I already had a "Purple SPIKED Collar" and figured that this was a non-spiked collar. Oh boy... was I wrong. The store is missing that one important word... SPIKED!

So... is anyone willing to buy this collar back form me for 1 silver or possibly a lesser amount?
Or... I may accept another collar (blue bell, bloody, etc) of equal value. Anyone?

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