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General / What prey/meshes do you want added in Last Moon
« on: June 07, 2015, 10:32:03 PM »
Now that we've got a little help with modelling and meshes, we've decided to compile a list of prey (e.g. mice, lizards, moose) and meshes for maps (e.g. seaweed, rocks, different types of trees) and thought we may as well ask the players what they want!
So go ahead and comment what prey/meshes you'd like to see implemented in the game below.~

Old News / LM Menu Recreation Contest 6/7/15
« on: June 07, 2015, 08:38:47 PM »
Thatís right weíre having a contest!
We've been wanting to change the look of LM for a while now, and the thing that stuck out the most to us (And weíre probably not the only ones) Is the outdated Winter GUI. Although it doesn't go without saying that it is a gorgeously designed GUI, itís been getting a bit too old for wear.

So we've come up with this!
We thought there could be no better way to get some community interaction into Last Moon than a good contest!
Here are the details.
Dutchval has collected most of the GUI and Main Menuís components together, and has put them all together in a little zip folder for you all. These include the buttons, Mini-map, Main Menu Background, and more!
Please note that all the files in the folder are the exact names as they stand in the gameís files, so please do not change the names of the files. The only thing you can change is the name of the folder you will eventually be sending in.

1) In order for your entry to be accepted, you need to change each image file! Weíve taken the liberty to exclude which ones we donít want changed, so everything thatís currently in the folder, is what we want altered.

2) You cannot change the filenames, except the name of the zip folder you will be sending in.

3) As well, Do not resize the images in anyway. Weíd like to preserve this incase of anything funky happening if something changes.

1) Download the zip folder provided by us and open it.

2) Edit/Improve the image files you see. We want totally original designs, but how you design them (Image editing, hand drawn, etc) is up to you. All we are looking at is the final result. How you get there is up to you.

3) Re-zip your folder, and Rename it ď[Username] GUI ENTRYĒ as your zip file name.
4) Upload to Mediafire (Or any site, for that matter, but at least somewhere we can download it).

5) Send a Private Forum Message to either Dutchval or Husky with the link to your mediafire/uploaded zip folder.

6) Congrats! Youíre in!

The winner will get the following:
1) A custom forum title!

2) Two Diamonds!

3) Their GUI will be fully implemented into Last Moon!

Download Here

The deadline to hand in your GUI is September 9th at 12 PM GMT! Any entries afterwards will be discarded.
\\EDIT: Due to lack of submissions, we're keeping this open indefinitely until we either make one ourselves, or we get a submission we want to use.

Old News / LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15
« on: June 06, 2015, 02:06:52 PM »
Hello again everyone! Hope you've all been well since our last little update thread was posted. As you know, we have been working to open up preset submissions again for all of the members in Last Moon, and that time is here. We will however be adding them in in clusters, so you may have to be patient in order to get it in-game. Our staff has been working hard to benefit all players with new ideas and plans to help Last Moon along on its own unique path. Now, onto the nit and grit of the update shall we.

Preset Submissions
As mentioned above, preset submission are now open!. Each preset will cost Ten USD or three diamond medals.
Each player will have a limit of Eight presets.
We hope you enjoy making and having your unique characters in-game!

1) Your Presetís files need to be correctly named. Your .MATERIAL file needs to use the PS_ prefix. As well, all your image files need to be in PNG format, and use the HeadTex, ManeTex, TeethTex, BodyTex, TailTex, EyeTex, WingTex, (And ScrollTex if your preset is animated).

2)Your Preset cannot greater than or equal to 1MB (1000KB). This is way enough for a high quality preset, and even then 1 MB takes up ALOT of room. Please make your presets as small as possible. That is, for total size, not image size. If you are having trouble with your presetís size, Use this website: to decrease the size of your preset. Infact, you should use it either way, to compress the size of your preset, without losing quality.

3)You must upload your files to Mediafire, zipped up. To make a .zip file, you need to put all your presetís files, Script and all Image files, into a folder. Then right click, Send toÖ , Compressed (zipped) folder. Then upload your .zip file to Mediafire.

4)You are responsible to make sure if your preset works or not. If you are missing files, or your preset doesnít work, I WILL NOT be running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out what is wrong. If your preset doesnít work. Fix it, or have someone else fix it. Not me.

How to send in your preset:
1) Collect all your Presetís Files, .material file, and all image files, and put it in a folder.

2) Zip up that folder into a .zip file

3) Upload the .zip file to Mediafire

4) Copy the link to the Mediafire download

5) Create a Message on the forums, (Personal Message, not Thread), and Paste the link to the Mediafire download onto the message body. Send it either to Me or Dutchval.

6) Click Send!

Forum Mod Applications
Thatís right! Forum mod applications, starting right this moment, are now open! Think you got what it takes to help manage the forum? Make a forum mod application in the right subtopic in the apps topic or send it to either Me or Dutchval via PM. PLEASE follow the correct format stated while applying, otherwise we will not take your application seriously.
\\EDIT: Everyone needs to make a new forum mod application, regardless if you made one before! (This applies to those who want to apply to the forum mod application, and not to existing staff members.)
\\EDITIE: Applications for Forum Moderators are CLOSED

Weíd like to personally thank all of you folks out there who enjoy Last Moon and all it has to offer. We value your unwavering patience and the sense of community you all have brought here, and appreciate all of the activity and suggestions. Hope you all have a nice day!

Bugs & Glitches / Bug/Glitch Thread
« on: May 06, 2015, 10:42:30 PM »
Alright guys, we need your help with something that concerns Last Moon. We’ve gotta compile a list of bugs and glitches that happen in-game so we can try to solve them. So who better to ask than the players themselves?

Known Bugs
These are bugs that we are already working on or know of, so don’t bother repeating them in the comments below.

-Phoenix texture glitch
-Volcano map crash (fixed; will add into an update for y'all soon)
-Sapphire necklace texture
-WoW prey glitches
-Item Buyer
-Height map glitch
-Low health when logging in glitch

Add any glitch or bug you run into while in-game to the comments section on this thread and we’ll see what we can do to get it all fixed up!

Member of the Month / May 2015 MoTM Results
« on: May 02, 2015, 01:42:19 PM »

Jenxie13 - 13 Votes
ELZ - 2 Votes

Well done you two!
If you did not win this month, there is a big chance you will be chosen again.

Post here if you want to congratulate them!

Member of the Month / May 2015 MoTM Voting
« on: April 05, 2015, 09:24:31 PM »
(The people nominated cannot vote for themselves)

.:: May MoTM Voting ::.

The nominees are

Post here if you want to give your congratulations!
The people above were picked for their helpfulness, activeness and general attitude towards the game and everyone here.
Winner will receive a forum Custom Title, different forum + game name colour (during the month) and 1 Diamond medal.

Who do you think should win the May MoTM?
Vote now!
Voting will end on the 1st of May.

Art / Cornhusk's Art .:Warning Large Images:.
« on: February 21, 2015, 08:29:59 PM »
I eh. Yeah, I stopped posting on my old one awhile ago so Imma make a revised thread hurr. Enjoy!

Spoiler for Hiden:

Not all characters shown belong to me blahblah yep.
DeviantArt -
Speedpaints at -

Old News / 2/7 LM Future Plans and Updates
« on: February 08, 2015, 12:07:33 AM »
Hello everyone! So as you all may or may not have heard, me, Dutchval, and Husky, are now the admins of Last Moon! Along with that, we were given the responsibility to take care of LM, and any updates/changes that should/will happen to it. So, speaking of updates, we wanted to introduce our changes as soon as possible! After a good discussion, these are our current plans on what is going to happen/change in Last Moon!

Preset Cleanout and Preset Submissions
You heard right, we said preset submissions! Because having your own character ingame is basically what LM is all about, presets are a large part of our community, and our way of representing ourselves! I know that many of us have, or have had presets that are now either collecting dust, or close to completion, so we want to put them in game!
But, alas, as probably many of you see when you open the preset folder, is a massive wave/mass of preset textures that are either not being used or the owner has gone almost completely inactive on LM, and has left their preset kind of in the dust. Well, here is our solution, a preset cleanout!

So this is how it’s going to work, and the rules that apply to it:
-All Staff presets will remain ingame, unaltered, or changed. That is, only for existing staff members.
-Member’s presets currently ingame will be affected.
-Members have 1 month until the Cleanout takes place.

But, Dutchval, What about my preset, ______, which I still want to keep ingame?
Don’t worry! Send me a PM on the forums, or if you have my Skype, and let me know what your preset is named. We will then exempt you from the Cleanout

But wait! _______ is on hiatus, and he still wants to keep his preset ingame! What will happen then?
Don’t fret! I, Dutchval, will keep a backup of all the presets that are currently ingame, right now, as of the time that this thread is posted. If someone unfortunately missed the deadline and has not withheld their preset from being cleaned out, I will have a copy of it on my computer, and I will put it in game when the time comes.

Now, onto Preset Submissions!
We haven’t gotten completely set on what we are going to do for preset submissions, but we are definitely going to open them some time soon. Will they be free? Still to be decided. Will they cost money or medals? Also still to be decided.

New Rules
Now that Husky and I are admins, RakshaWw has permitted us to change the rules, if we want to/when we want to. Don’t fret at this news, we’ll mention little rule changes in these update threads so.

LM Anniversary Update News
We’re terribly sorry for making y’all wait so long for the birthday update, but keep in mind the transition between staff positions means we need to figure out how to do a lot more regarding Last Moon. We’ll release the update just as soon as we get everything sorted, and a big thanks to all of you who have been patient with us!

Old News / 10/1 LM & DoE Updates: Anniversary and Previews
« on: January 10, 2015, 03:58:34 PM »
Last Moon
So, as of mid January, Last Moon will be two years old. We've decided to hold events like Four Corners and Look-Alike contests to give players a chance to win some medals or other cool prizes! There will also be a birthday update with a new map and hopefully new items for you all to enjoy. We're all super excited to celebrate this special event with you guys, and we hope to see you at the events!
The games will be taking place on Saturday the 10th and Saturday the 17th and hosted by Husky and Dutch. The Christmas event will be removed when this update is implanted which has no official date yet.
Also, Husky is now in charge of running the LM dA group so if there are any issues with the group or you have any questions about it, ask her! She will also be adding people to contributors (usually only staff members) so if you want to help out by accepting/declining submissions, send her a message.

Member News
We now have 6000+ registered members on the forum, which is more than 1000 since our last update thread about two weeks ago! Wow!
Top Poster: Abomine (147 posts)
Top Topic Starter: Big Blu (29 topics)
Highest Total Time Online: Bazookaneon (10d 16h 46m)
We get an average of 30-50 players online in the game at a single time during the week and 50-70 on weekends.

Staff News
Staff remaining on Last Moon:
Myz, RakshaWw, Dutchval, Husky, Haruki, Saii, SuperNoodlePot, Joshtiger.
Staff moving to DoE:
Myz, RakshaWw, Forests, Zaroque, Rimisa, Pamuya, Zombie, Quammar, StarryNightSoul, FaintSilhouette, CrossOver, WarFang, Rika, Bholoni, Miki101, all new staff members.
Staff still deciding/inactive:

New Games' Progress
We usually put up a few preview images with every news thread but from now on we won't be doing that for small things. You can see new progress on our DoE dA group of which Rika is in charge of running.

General / Favorite Movie/TV Shows
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:16:27 AM »
Let's admit it; we've all got one whether you enjoy TV or not.
Besides, I'm in desperate need of more tv shows or movies until my art block shoves off. So why not ask y'all? Just give a general genre so people can get the feel of what kind of movie it is and the title. Feel free to talk about them or give mini plot descriptions as well.~

Favorite TV Shows

Life Unexpected

Genre: Drama/Teen Drama/Family Drama

Description: After 15 years of being with different families in the foster-care system, Lux decides to try and get emancipated. She encounters her birth father, bar owner Nate "Baze" Bazile, living like an aging frat boy with two slacker roommates. He is stunned to learn that he has a teenage daughter and introduces Lux to her mother, radio personality Cate Cassidy, who is sad to learn her daughter has grown up in foster care but thrilled to meet and get to know the girl. She has plenty of opportunity to get acquainted when the judge decides Lux isn't ready to be emancipated and grants temporary custody to her birth parents.

I cannot tell you how much I love this show LOL. It's a shame it only got two seasons before they ran out of money and had to cancel it.

The Fosters

Genre: Drama/Family Drama/Teen Drama/Romance

Description: The series follows the lives of the titular Foster family, consisting of an interracial lesbian couple raising a blended family of biological, adopted and foster children

Yeah, okay, there may or may not be a trend seen here LOL.

Favorite Movies

I'll have to get back to you on this one, since I have a hard time picking out a select few.
Now onto your favorites! They don't have to be actual people acting in them, it could be an anime series, soap opera, or cartoon show as well.~

General / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 25, 2014, 11:27:18 PM »
Just making this to wish you all happy holidays! Even if they aren't happy, try to enjoy the time you've got and do something you like! Whatever you celebrate, I hope for it to go well~
Feel free to wish happy holidays below to everyone, or even share what your favorite present was this year. C:

Mini-Games / When I Was Little, I Used To...
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:08:36 AM »
Cause let's admit it; everyone had strange ideas when they were little.
Just tell one thing that you used to think when you were a kid and let's see how strange some of these get.

When I was little, I used to think that white milk came from white cows, brown milk from brown cows, and strawberry milk from pink cows. Wherever the hell I thought pink cows were.

General / What would your Superpower be?
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:48:10 PM »
Simple as the title. This is always a fun thing to discuss, so feel free to post and interact with others and what they think the best superpower would be.~

And you can't say sweating mayo Haru sobs

Mine would be shapeshifting. Any form, any animal, any time. Lots of people say they would want to fly. Guess what? BAM shapeshift into any bird and you got your flying. I also hear lots of people who want to breath underwater. Hah, shift into a fish and you got that covered. Run fast? Cheetah. See what I'm getting at?

Member of the Month / September 2014 MoTM Results
« on: September 01, 2014, 12:55:08 PM »

Pandemic - 11 votes
Abomine - 15 votes

Well done you two!
If you did not win this month, there is a big chance you will be chosen again.

Post here if you want to congratulate them!

Mini-Games / Rate the Gif
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:18:47 AM »

Rules are simple; On a scale of 1 to 10 (Ten being the funniest, one being meh), rate the previously posted gif
Then go and post a gif that you think is funny.

Guess I'll start us off then uahhhh

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