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Presets & Markings / 👑Preset Commissions☢
« on: December 03, 2015, 03:26:19 AM »
Hello there everyone, I'm here today to tell you all that I have indeed decided to open up Preset commissions. After having so many people ask me if I could make them a preset, it's really fueled my muse, knowing how many people enjoy my work.

However, before we get to the actual preset stuff, like all things in life, there are some rules to get out of the way first.



🌑 I am more than happy to make you a preset, however, I am NOT responsible for getting it in game, that is still up to you.

🌑 I won't start on your preset until it's been paid for first. If at any time during the creation of making the preset, and you don't want it anymore, let me know and I'll give you a refund.

🌑 Once I have finished the preset and send you the files, there will be NO REFUNDS. If you lose the files for any reason, I keep all preset files that I make, I'll send them to you again. :)

🌑 I refuse to copy designs, use ideas that already have been used, or make any copyrighted characters. Be original!

🌑 I will need a picture of your character! I don't do well going off descriptions and will more than likely mess it up unless it's a picture.

 🌑I don't do free or discounted presets, please know that my prices are firm.

🌑 If you want a Semi-Transparent marking, please understand that I will not be doing any galaxy/space themed designs for personal reasons.



Warning! Image heavy!

Spoiler for Hiden:



🌑 Basic Price: 5 gold

🌑 Fully Transparent: 4 extra gold per body part

🌑 Scrolling: 4 extra gold per body part

🌑 Glow: 4 extra gold per body part

🌑 Semi-Transparent: 1 extra diamond per body part

🌑 Semi-Transparent Scroll: 1 extra diamond per body part



Please PM me with the information fully filled out. If you'd rather skype me, message me and I'll give you my skype.

Code: [Select]
In-game Username:
•Name of Preset/Character:
•Image of Character:
•Preset body part numbers:
•What kind of extra coding if any? (IE: Transparent, scrolling, glow):
•Describe where you want the extra coding if any:
•If scrolling, provide a link to the picture you want:

Having trouble? Don't know where to find the preset body numbers? Please consult this thread to find the answers.

Example Forum

•In-game Username: Saii
•Name of Preset/Character: Najime
•Image of Character:

Spoiler for Hiden:

•Preset body part numbers: Body, Head8, Mane9, Tail6, No Wings, Tuft7
•What kind of extra coding if any? (IE: Transparent, scrolling, glow): Semi-Transparent on the tail and Glow on the eyes
•Describe where you want the extra coding if any: I'd like the snow leopard markings on the tale to have a semi-transparent scroll, and glow on the eyes.
•If scrolling, provide a link to the picture you want:



🌑 Open [Paid/Unpaid]
🌑 Open [Paid/Unpaid]
🌑 Open [Paid/Unpaid]
🌑 Open [Paid/Unpaid]
🌑 Open [Paid/Unpaid]

Game Market / Plenty of items for sale!
« on: April 08, 2015, 11:11:14 PM »
Hello there everyone. I went looking through my characters, and have WAY to many unused/unwanted items, and so I've decided to sell most of it.
I'm not looking for a "specific" price, I will take less than what they are worth in the Bazaar, but please don't low ball to much.

Items are:

Messy Trex

Happy Trex

Smokey's Face

Fire Shard

Snowflake Shard x3


Rim's face

Pumpkin Mask

Trick or Treat

Present Shard x2

Ornament Shard

Candycane Shard

Space Shard

Snowflake Paw L

Snowflake Paw R

Flurry Shard

Tail Fire

Presets & Markings / Saii's Preset Shelf~
« on: March 30, 2015, 08:14:53 PM »
Hello there everyone! During my time here on LastMoon, I have made a surplus of presets that I am very proud of, and some that aren't even used anymore, or yet updated into the game. So I figured to all of you asking to see my presets, that I'd make a thread and post all of my projects. I'll split them up, differentiating between personal and stuff I had made for others. I do hope you enjoy!

(Pictures added in order of creation.)

Spoiler for Hiden:

(Pictures added in order of creation.)

Spoiler for Hiden:

I will add to it should I make any more!

Art / Saii's Art Shelf~
« on: March 16, 2015, 08:25:05 PM »
I figured, seeing as I've been drawing a lot more now, I figured I'd post it here for those who'd like to see and don't go on Deviant Art! I'll put a bit more here when I've finished more! Thanks for checking it out. :3

Presets & Markings / Madder Than The Hatter~
« on: March 14, 2015, 08:59:56 PM »
Warning~ Larger Images

Hello there everyone! So yes, I have decided to create another preset. Now this is a character I have been dying to create for truly a long time. I have had the saying "Madder Than The Hatter" for about a year now, and have always wanted to create a character for said saying. Well, here he is! I want to formally welcome this new character to my horde of a family~

Mad Hatter

Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Presets & Markings / Koitsu The Dragon~
« on: March 12, 2015, 04:53:39 PM »
Warning~ Larger Images

So, I decided to make a preset for my new character Koitsu. I really like how he turned out, so I figured I'd post some pictures for people to look at until he's able to get added! Below, you'll see a drawing a drew of him before making said preset. I'm still working on him personality wise and back story wise, but at least his designs done. xD

Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Presets & Markings / The Kelpher Preset
« on: March 09, 2015, 05:11:20 PM »


Ah, I see you've found your way here! Then I assume you've found the thread about the Kelpher species? No? Well then, please visit here ('s/the-arrival-of-the-kelpher/ ) before continuing any further, because I can tell you right now, I will not make a Kelpher for people who don't know them well enough to own one. There are a lot of interesting facts that will explain what they exactly are and some other great facts. Alright, now that we have that covered, let's get down to the worst part of this and save the best for last shall we?


Preset Rules~
Ah yes, rules, everyone hates them, but they must be followed, especially with this species, it's not something you can just say, "oh that's awesome" and get one without knowing what they are. So, let's get this out of the way first.

1: This species is not yours, I created the species, and I will be creating your wishes for your new character, so don't go around claiming that you made the species.

2: I will be very glad to create a Kelpher for you, and get it all finished, however, it is not my job to add it in game. That is still your responsibility. So don't whine if you can't get the preset in very fast.

3: No refunds after files are sent. This is a big one, once those files are sent to you, weather or not you save them, there will be no refunds, because there's no way of telling if you decide to download them anyway after you get your medals back.

4: If you decide you don't want the Kelpher while I'm making yours (MUST be while I'm still making it), if it is my own design, I will auction it off to someone else and you will get a refund. If you decided to have me make one of your own characters, I will save it in an archive just in case you decide you want it some other time.

5: Read up on the species! You don't HAVE to roleplay them, but you must know the species! The thread can be found here ('s/the-arrival-of-the-kelpher/ )

6: This is your character, you are more than welcome to make a bio for them, draw them, do what you wish! All I ask is that you do not make adoptable for them on DA or any other site, this is my own species, and if I want to do so, that'd be up to me to do. So, please don't give out the species in any way shape or form.


As a species, there are some traits that are very limited, such as body type, head type, ext. While this species is VERY customizable, they do have their restrictions. Here are the /only/ restrictions.

Body Type: They can ONLY, have the skinny body. They are very twiggy, skinny things due to how little they eat and store in their body. They don't need a large bulky body.

Wings on Females: They MUST be set on Invisible wings, they can fly, but they don't have the actual wings.

Wings for Males: They MUST have feathered wings. There's no other wing options for the males.


Head Problems~
Okay, so, I already have this species all made up, the actual species of the character is all made, only thing I am left with, is making a character, which mean, I will /not/ be changing the head to match the different head types. I've gone through all the different head types, and I've found that the twisted smile marking just does not look right on some to most heads, so I've made up a chart of what the twisted smile will look like on your character, please, choose wisely when making your character, this is very important, don't make a mockery of them.

  Original (Head1)


Chipped (Head2)


 Lion (Head3)

 On the Lion head, the smile wraps around to the eye, making a line above the eye.


 Lynx (Head4) This is the head the preset was made for.


 Original Pointy (Head5)


 Lion Pointy (Head6)

 On the Lion Pointy head, the smile wraps around to the eye, making a line, as seen on head 3.


 Long Pointy (Head8)

On the Long Pointy head, the smile wraps around to the eye, making a line, as seen on head 3.


 Saber (Head23)

 On the Saber head, the smile wraps around to the eye, making a line, as seen on head 3.



Yes! Now that we've gotten all that nasty stuff behind us, let's talk about customizing your Kelpher. This is pretty much the fun part, because....They can have ANYTHING you want! Horns! Claws! Pets! Stuffies! Anything, you, desire. And even, the mane, tail, and tufts, all up to you! Kelpher's are known for being one of the most open species, they can have horns if you so desire, even the females, they can have claws, even though they don't really have paws, ahaha! They are such a creative species, that your options are still endless.

And let's talk about pets! Or, familiars! Kelpher's are very big on protecting something, and having something to protect, for they can't be considered an adult if they don't have something to guard. So having a pet for your Kelpher is a BIG thing, it gives them company, and will also allow your Kelpher to be seen as an adult with their fellow species.




Preset Costs~

Okay! You've made is this far, you must really want on! Well, I won't keep you waiting. This here is where I'll show you my prices for Kelpher's, there's a bit of a difference in price depending on what you desire. So, let's get down to it.


Female Cost: Four Gold Medals

Male Cost: Five Gold Medals


Seller's Design Price (Meaning the character is all up to Saii): Free

Buyers Design Price (Meaning you have full control of the character and colours): An Extra Gold

Rare Gene (A transparent star theme somewhere on the character, can be a large area, or small): One Diamond

Buying a Cub is /only/ for people who have already bought a Kelpher and have a mate. Getting a Cub requires a separate forum to fill out. Gender will be up to ME, it's like having an actual child.

Cub Price: 3 Gold


Kelpher Forum~

You must have this filled out and sent to me Via Messaging, please do not post it here.

Your In Game User:
Desired Gender:
Seller or Buyer Design: S/B
(If Buyer Design is selected)Design information: (Either use in GREAT detail, or draw up what you'd like, I'll make a Kelpher Line art soon)
Rare Gene: Y/N

Cub Forum~
Your In Game User:
Mates In Game User:
Your Kelpher's Name:
Your Kelpher's Picture:
Your Mates Name:
Your Mates Picture:

Presets & Markings / Last Moon Body Names ~ Preset Help
« on: March 08, 2015, 04:52:02 PM »
Credit for this goes to Forests.

~Body types~

~Head types~

Deer head is Head 29

~Mane types~

~Tail types~

Due to broken pictures, I'll take pictures of them later, but for now, here are the codes:

Lion (tail1)

Panther (tail2)

Cat (tail3)

Wolf (tail4)

Thin (tail5)

Thick Pointy (tail6)

Bobtail (tail7)

Coon (tail8)

Devil (tail9)

Husky (tail10)

Fat (tail11)

Shark (tail12)

Rat (tail13)

Spiky Fluffy (tail14)

Fluffy (tail15)

Spiky Long (tail16)

Mermaid (tail17)

Rabbit (tail19)

Kitzune (tail20)

Weasel (tail21)

Long Thin (tail22)

Neko (tail23)

Deer (tail24)

~Tuft types~

Will come later. :)

~Tail types~

Bird wings = Wings

Bat Wings = Wings2

Fairy Wings = Wings3


Introductions / Slowly Returning.
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:14:56 AM »
Firstly, to all newer members, welcome to Last Moon! I do hope you are enjoying the game. It's so nice that while I have been away, LM has continued to grow. Now, the reason I am posting this is because, my Hiatus is over, and I am going to start to become more active, and, after I am certain I am able to return actively again, I shall reopen my Kelpher species presets, as well as return to making some nice maps for you all to explore! Thank you for being so patient with me during my hiatus, and I look forwards to coming back.

Leaving/Hiatus / It's time for me to go. (Hiatus)
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:36:22 PM »
Hello there everyone. I have decided it is high time I take a break from LM. After a few events with a good..Friend, of mine, I no longer have the muse to continue on playing Last Moon. I feel I have no reasons to come on any longer, only to make maps. Also, map making, which once was a very fun hobby for me, now seems to only be nothing more than a tedious task, which is making my maps look terrible. So, until I feel strong enough to return and face what has happened between my friend and I, as well as have my muse returned to me, to the point where I feel I can once again make the types of maps that Last Moon deserve, I must take my leave. I don't know how long this will be for, and I can assure you, I wish not to quit being a Map Maker, all I want...Is a break. I will NOT be on skype as well, nor will I be checking the site, thus meaning, the creation of Kelpher's is also on Hiatus. However, when I return, I will have another very special Kelpher on auction for you all.

If you truly, absolutely, must, get a hold of me, or if you just wanna talk, the only way to do so, is messaging me on my Deviant Art ( ), other wise, please, to those whom have my skype, don't spam my messages, because there will be no way for me to see them, and I don't feel like hearing (BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP x1000000000) when I /do/ happen to return. Thank you to those who have stood by my decision, and I do hope to see you all again soon.

Introductions / ~*Saii*~
« on: October 08, 2014, 07:16:49 AM »
~The Madness Of ʂaii~

~*~Name: Trahvia Michales (Ter-Ah-Vee-Ah)~*~

~*~Alias: Saii, Willow~*~

~*~Age: Twenty Two Years Young~*~

~*~Birth Date: April, 27, 1992~*~

~*~Gender: Male~*~

~*~Birth Place: Arizona~*~

~*~Eye Colour: Hazel, but mostly looks like a Bluish Silver~*~

~*~Hair: Medium Length, to my shoulders, and Brown~*~

~*~Sexual Orientation: Straight~*~

~*~Occupation: I work at Petsmart. Has been a dream job of mine since I was eight~*~

~*~Hobbies: Roleplaying, Drawing, Reading, Rock Hunting, Insect Study, Bonsai Care~*~

~*~Dominant Hand: Right~*~

~*~Education: High school Graduate, with some College~*~

~*~Native tongue: English~*~

~*~Favorite food: Mexican Food~*~

Sebastian~ A Black and White Tuxedo Norwegian Forest Cat Mix. Adopted.
Sam~ A Grey and White Tuxedo Domestic Short Hair mix. Adopted.
Kyo~ A Purebred Blue Point Siamese. Bought from a Breeder.
Twinkie~ A Purebred Maltese. Bought from Pet Store.
Clockwork~ A Beautiful Half Moon Beta who is a Coppery Silver colour. Bought from Petsmart.
Ruka, Sin, and Akuma~ Each Male African Cichlids. Bought from Petsmart.
Remith~ Male Black Convict Cichlid. Bought from Petsmart.
Yin and Yang~ My two prized Koi.  Yin is female, Yang is male. Bought from Petsmart.
Tyto~ Male Veil Tail Beta. Bought from Petsmart.
Autumn~ Male Twin Tail Beta. Bought from Petsmart.

~*~Interests: Anime, Exploring, RPG Games, Animals, Rocks/Gems/Fossils, Drawing, Pokemon, Roleplaying, Mini Pumpkins...(Don't ask..xD)~*~

~*~Favorite Movie(s): It's very hard for me to chose a favorite, for I love all Disney Movies, especially Balto and the Lion King, but I think I'd have to say my favorite is How To Train Your Dragon. I also enjoy Spirit, Rio...And a bunch more I could name, but would take hours.~*~

~*~Favorite Anime: Black Butler. Hands down. No argument.~*~

Well, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions for me, do feel free to ask.

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