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General / Story Time With V 1
« on: February 27, 2018, 06:26:35 PM »
The Dream
Excuse me for any language used, I'm going off by what I have written down in my memo on my phone. Note that this is not for younger audiences. Violence and gore is used. This was a dream that I had back then when I had sleep paralysis.

The dream that I had was so fucked. I can't remember too much of it since I'm half asleep.
 It was supposed to be the day before Halloween from what I heard in the dream. People were playing this game called "Stay In. Stay Out." It seemed all too real. It was related to the purge a little.
 I was in my room, just minding my own business, doing my making and whatever else I do. I felt something behind me, almost as if someone was breathing down my neck. I turned around once,
 nothing. I felt it once more, I didn't think much of it. I felt it again, I turned around one last time.
 There was this short figure standing there, wearing a shiny blue sinister mask along with all black clothing. We looked at each other for a split second not giving me a chance to blink, they whipped out a switchblade and went for my gut, they were going crazy, gutting me like a fish. I saw my blood spilling out everywhere onto the floor. I shoved them, causing them to hit the bed frame,
 cracking their head a little. They tried to get up, and this was the part that really fucked me up.
 (Also note that, I was not able to control myself at the time in the dream that I had, so I was watching it basically, as if it were a movie. Weird right?) This made me want to get up and wake up,
 I wanted it to end. The figure tried to get up, I walked over to them holding my side, I grabbed them by the back of their neck and started to slam their head into the bedroom floor, over and over and over. It all seemed too real, it was scary. Horrifying. It was graphic, their eyeball was starting to pop out, their jaw was dislocated with their tongue hanging halfway out. Blood was spilling out from the back of their throat. I eventually stopped, their head was caved in halfway at this point. I walked into the hallway and my mom was just sitting their on the fucking bed like nothing ever happened. I walked into the room and I let out these horrifying screaming n howling sounds.
I was holding the back of my head. My mother was just sitting there, ever so calmly, as if she's seen this before. The back of my head was caved in like whenever you stepped on a babydoll.
(If you are confused, to sum it up basically I was minding my own business and this little figure was fucking around with me and decided to stab me. So I had a reaction towards it I guess, in a bad way. And that led to me having my head caved in like a babydoll.)

And then it all just dropped, everything went blank for a split second. It took me into this other town. It still had the same theme that it had going on. I was in some car with 3 other girls in the back, not sure to who was driving it was just silhouette. I guess they were my best friends in the dream. I turned around to them and asked them if they were staying in or going out on Halloween. They all basically said, "Fuck that, I'm staying in." So I brought up the game and asked them if they've ever heard of the Stay In Stay Out game. They all replied with a "No." And I said, "Well I got attacked by some kid in my room and I bashed their head in." The girls didn't seem too surprised by it. And since I told them, I got the vibe that they were very close friends. But the fact that they weren't fazed by the blunt statement, was a little scary, like it's happened before or something. Then the dream went blank again, then poof. I was back in my room, but.. It was a complete different house, one I've never seen before. I turned around to see someone lying in my bed, it was you. (Note that "you" is my s/o. I was telling him about the dream.) I could control myself at this point. I walked over to the bed and curled up beside you, I started to cry at this point, because I was afraid. I was trapped in this dream, I couldn't wake up. I knew that none of it was real. But it all felt real. You woke up and started to panic and tried to comfort me. I heard my mom from down the hall screaming, I looked at him with a concerned look. (Changed "You" to "Him", so that it would be less confusing hopefully.) I got up to check it out. I peeked into the room and heard familiar words that I thought I would ever hear again. "No, no, stop please, this is our child, you can't just leave like that. You can't just walk out on us." My heart lurched, I was in the doorway. It was my mom and a black silhouette. The figure seemed to be super fucking wasted, it's eyes were.. blank, like it he looked at you, he'd be looking upwards or to the side. You couldn't understand a single word from him. He looked super buff and fucked up. I just stared and then I saw him start swinging at my mother and my mom started to panic and screamed for him to stop. I ran into the room trying to shove the figure off of her, I started to yell and chew him out, but then my voice started to crack and give out. I started sobbing but I kept fighting back at him, he wasn't looking at me the whole time. I lost my voice and all the came out was a soft whisper hat couldn't be heard at the time. The figure started to hit me, well, tried to hit me, he was wasted. But then he snatched me and looked me dead in the eye with a blank expression and said, "You should've been better." And threw me out of the room and into the wall, I heard a cracking sound. He then slammed the door shut, I heard a loud stomping sound and then, SMACK. I was so scared at this point, where I was going to go insane. I struggled to get up, I looked over to my side, it was dripping blood, where my lung is. I walked back into the bedroom and saw that he was still there. (My s/o) He didn't here nor see anything. I was confused. I lied down next to him, out of breath and hurt, mentally and physically. He pulled me closer to him and told me that everything was going to be okay. I fell asleep. I hated it. I hated it. I hated it. The fact that most of those were real events but replaced by someone else. (Personal stuff was here, rather not explain it)

I then woke up in a hotel room with someone else, I didn't know them but they were fully aware of what was going on and told me that we needed to get out now. We were in this bathroom
 everything was foggy and steamed up, you couldn't see in the mirrors, so you couldn't tell if there was someone behind you or not. That's how that kid got me, I was looking in the mirror doing my makeup, I kept noticing something behind me so that made me want to turn around to check it out.
 I was guessing that the person I was with at the time steamed up all the rooms with mirrors so that we wouldn't have the need to turn around to see what was behind us, we would end up getting beaten to the ground and left in a blood and gut pool. We ran. We ran so fast. It seemed endless.I woke up in another bed. This time in my own room. I rolled over to see that he was in the bed asleep. (My s/o) No one else seemed to be home, everyone in the neighborhood seemed gone. It was all quiet. No little kid in a blue mask and black clothing to be found anywhere. No screaming or howling. No sobbing noises. It was just him and I, some cigarettes, and the pitter patter of the raindrops bouncing off the rooftops. It all seemed so peaceful. I pushed myself up against him and fell asleep.

I woke up for real this time. I was all twisted up in my covers, but facing the same way I was in the bed. I grabbed my phone to tell him what has happened. I started to get a sharp pain in my right lung. I started to hear scratching sounds and I started to freak the fuck out, but it was just my cat in the litter box. I was so freaked out by the dream that I couldn't move for a few minutes.
 I was still half asleep at the time. I never ever want to experience that bloody, gory, graphic, sad dream ever again, I hated it. It's currently 4:55 AM (When I was writing it down) So it must've happened around 3:00 AM, which really seemed messed up to me. So what I have gathered up from this dream is that it was about this game called the, "Stay In. Stay Out." game, where if you were in front of a mirror you would hear something and you would start seeing things in the mirror so that would make you want to turn around. And every time you go t turn around nothing would be there at first, but if you did it 3 times there would be this small figure in a blue sinister mask and all black clothing. Looking up at you, god knows what happens next. So I'm assuming from the beginning that I was dead, because my head was caved in and I was bleeding out, and I was getting these flashbacks. The guy steamed up the hotel so that all the mirrors would be covered so that we could make an escape. But in the end it was just him and I (My s/o) The mirrors were broken in my room. So I'm guessing that somehow I was brought back from the dead and you survived the game.

What I don't understand is why was it so detailed? It all seemed well thought out. I get that dreams normally happen from what you think about. But never have I once thought about some little kid in a blue sinister mask and black clothing standing behind me waiting. never have I ever thought about those past events. And never have I ever thought about being gutted like a fish in my own room.

I never want to experience that again.

I retyped this onto here from my memo on my phone. Wowie look at me go.
yes, this was a fucked up dream I understand.

...Anyways that was story time with Vixoal.

If you sat there and took the time to read all of that, I don't think I could believe that in all honesty.


Autobiography / HeyHiHello
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:35:13 PM »
Ahoy! Most of you do not know me nor recognize me. That's because I'm new here, a friend suggested me this game, so I was like, "Hey, Why not?"

I'm liking it so far, just not many people are on, so I can't really interact and get to know anybody.
But I'm not one to talk, I'm still caught up with school. I've recently been pulled out of my public school and put into home school, It's not too bad, just a thorn in my butt to keep up with, got teachers calling me etc.

I've been working with photography and film for quite some time now, I'm going to start classes hopefully within a month. I've always thought that game developing was pretty awesome as well, I've wanted to give it a try.

I have a scary amount of pets. (Sarcasm) I have a cat, hamster, 5 golden retrievers, a few chickens, and a python named Monte.

I'm currently looking into apartments and houses with my s/o, it's a little bit difficult since we're both slim on money at the moment, I'm searching for another job, this will be my 3rd job. I work at a restaurant and for an online shop as a model.

I'm currently into, Film production, Photography, Animation, Longboarding, Snakes, Art, and Editing.
And the list goes on, but that's for another time.

If you ever see me, come say hello !


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