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Author Topic: Hello Everyone!  (Read 4240 times)

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Hello Everyone!
« on: February 27, 2019, 08:08:38 PM »

     My name is NeeQuinzel, also known as Qui or Quinn. I知 fairly new to this server in particular, but not new to the Impressive Title community itself. I知 a pretty old character from Impressive Title, but not at all known as I left due to the game being shut down. Now I知 back and I got reminded of the old gem a couple weeks ago and found this server along with a few others that interested me. I知 hoping to be able to make friends here and maybe even share and help in the community.

About Me

     I was born and raised in Texas, I知 a very laid back and outgoing, I enjoy meeting people and helping out at any cost. I知 16-years-old and have really bad social anxiety, scared of deep water, dolls & bugs. My zodiac sign is a Leo which makes me very shy, determined, energetic, courageous, honest and supposably a natural leader. At least that's what I致e been told. I知 very independent and hardworking, I write about everything I think of and always wanted to turn it into something people will remember me by but been to shy and torn down my social anxiety to do anything. Though I may be sorta depressed, I am still trying to coop by helping others and just trying to enjoy my time with loved ones and friends.


     Though I may not seem very interesting by the slightest and you値l most likely not care about these sorta things, I値l still share what I like just for the heck of it and maybe even find potential friends with the same set of interests.


Asian foods, Italian foods, all noodles and fries


Olive Green, pastel pinks and grey


sunflower seeds, frozen grapes, cantaloupe, hot chips and vanilla bean ice cream


Halloween stores and urban outfitters


Autumn and winter


Art, watching videos and movies


Country, R&B, pop and rock


Computer science and art

Food Places

Canes, Taco Ville, Rose痴 Cafe and Taco Cabana


Hawaii, Paris, and Tokyo


Most of all Disney and Pixar movies


Parks and Rec, The Office, Nailed It, Grace and Frankie, Miraculous Ladybug, etc.


ESO, Skyrim, tricky towers, etc.

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Re: Hello Everyone!
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2019, 02:16:58 AM »
Wow, I didn't know anyone other than me even touched this game anymore. Add me my user is longishboi
~Farania :)

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Re: Hello Everyone!
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2019, 02:59:41 AM »
welcome ;DDD