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« on: June 27, 2016, 01:04:38 AM »
"Etrina?" a young yip echoed through the large, echoing medicine den. "Yes Trina?" the medicine wolf, of the Licijalkinal wolf pack, one of the strongest to ever exist,

"Can I train with you when im an apprentice?" the yipping voice asked back as the medicine wolf was sorting her herbs, "Mabey, I must ask Alifnat, and you will be a apprentice soon," she said smiling down at the pup

"YAYYY!"  Trina squealed her head off, "Now shhh, some of the warriors are sleeping." Etrina said looking at her after finishing her herbs, "Ok," the pup yipped and bounced back to the pups den.

"Yay yay yayyy!" the pup murmered to herself as she bounced off.

Moons later, she became the medicine apprentice, learning to bare with seizures, when she was reciving, Prochicies.

"Stay calm.." Etrina's voice rasped as she was growing older, Trina almost old enough to become a full medicine wolf. "I am g-" Etrina feel to the ground and gasped for air "ETRINA!" Trina yowled tears dripped down her eyes,

Hours later, Etrina had passed of old age. The whole pack wasn't surprised. "Ok being alone here?" The deputy, Harin asked looking Trina strait in the eyes,

"I guess..." she murmered sighing to herself looking to the back of the den. "Being alone dosent really feel good.." she murmered loud enough for Harin to hear her.

"I can assign you an apprentice so your not to lonely," Harin said pointing his tail towards the pups den "Some pups have been dying to become a medicine wolf, I know one that would be a good apprentice for you there Trina." he said wagging his tail slowly.

"Really!?" Trina said her tail lifted up high and wagged smacking the wall. "Yes, I ca-" in the middle of his sentence, a pup names Ginna speeded into the den. "I CAN BE MEDICNE APPRENTICE!?" the young yippy pup squealed,

"Yes, in one moon you can" Harin said smiling down at the pup "YES!!" She yowled and bounced back off to the pups den. "Heh, like I did when I became a medicine apprentice," she said smiling at Harin.

Another moon later, the pup, Ginna was Trina's apprentice. Trina was growing old, as she was teaching Ginna a lesson, she fell to the ground spazzing out, reciving a prophecy "Eh.. mmmm uuu.." she stammered shaking.

She later died of the spazzum attack. Ginna sighed, Harin was upset.

"Ginna.. Learn to recive.."

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