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Author Topic: The Great Cold (Pilot Story/Chapter)  (Read 2102 times)

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The Great Cold (Pilot Story/Chapter)
« on: November 14, 2014, 08:16:12 PM »
Aspen trees groaned in the wind that buffeted their very being. A grand Oak, mighty and strong, fought the wind with every ounce of it's strength gained from the ground in which it had taken root many winters ago. Rain and hail lashed at the already-frozen ground, and animals of every species cowered in whatever shelter they could find. Rain and hail soon turned to snow, and the frozen ground slowly became blanketed in a thick, white sheet of snow. The wind began to die off, and the snow fell heavier as it took the forest in it's icy grasp.
The Tayuka wolf clan, fascinated by this occurence which had befell their home, emerged from their dens hidden beneath the splendour of the Oak. The lead alpha female craned her muzzle skyward, and gazed intently at the pale yellow-gray of the snow clouds. "It seems as if the great cold has taken us in it's jaws once again.." She whined in wolf-talk. "...But this time, it feels...otherworldly...". The others in the pack flattened their ears in disbelief.
"But how can you be sure of that, Leader Takari?" Whimpered an omega in wolf-talk, bowing his head averting his eyes in a subordinate attitude.
"The trees, they spoke to me of a great change that would transform this land, transform it into a cold, wintery place...permanently." She grunt-whined eerily.
"But what will we do without the months of the snow-flowers, that never melt!? The times when the pups are birthed!?" Barked one Beta, her eyes wild with confusion.
"And what of the prey!?" Cried another, "What of the months of the Fallen-Leaves that bring the prey's cubs to us?!"
The pack eruped into a frantic babble of whines and grunts as more and more questions came to mind.
"What if..."
"What about..."
"What will happen..."
"Enough!" Barked the Lead male, who until now had been resigning at the back of the pack. With a prideful stance he padded over to his mate. "All of this won't solve anything if we just keep standing here doing nothing!" He growled, and the lower-ranks scurried back on their heels, ears flattened and tails between their legs. All except one. Fawn, a defiant omega female, leaned forward toward the male, and with a defiant glare, looked him straight in the eye. "Then what do you propose we do?" She grunted.
For a moment, there was a stunned silence at the defiance of the young female. With a growl, the alpha male lunged forwards and muzzle-grabbed Fawn, flipping her onto her back. "Know your place, Omega!" He growled, his tail raised assertively. With a glare, Fawn righted herself and slunk off to the back. Turning to the rest of the pack, he said, "We will decide when the Bright rises tomorrow, but for now, we hunt."
The air became filled with the barks and wavering howls of the pack as they relished the time of calm before the hunt, blocking out the thought of possible ever-winter.

This is just a short pilot episode and feedback/critique would really be appreciated! I sorta made this up as I went along because I was bored and needed something to do other than drawing. My goddamned wrists hurt people!

Story/Plot by meeeeeeeee<3