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Author Topic: Dear Noobs  (Read 12041 times)

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Dear Noobs
« on: October 18, 2014, 02:54:58 PM »
Here is all the crap I wish I knew about Last Moon before I spent forever learning from trial and error.

Window Viewing Mode
Firstly, LM is a full-screen game, and as far as it goes with my computer, I can't minimize it in full screen any way, except quitting. This can obviously be sort of frustrating to deal with if you have things on other tabs and can't access them.
To make LM non-full screen, in the OGRE rendering system setup, there's an option that says "Full screen: Yes." Click it and select No. This will put LM in a window allowing you to access other tabs as you play. Then click Ok.
Making an Account
Something that confuses a lot of people is that unlike Feral Heart, Forum accounts and game-playing accounts are SEPARATE. You have to create one for the forum and another for the game. When you log in, click on Multiplayer, then click on New Account. The account that you create with those methods will be the account that you use to play the game. You should probably make them with the same usernames to avoid confusion and be aware that you're only allowed to have 1 account.
Creating Characters
This part is pretty straightforward. Name, colors, all that fun stuff. The color selection is RGB format. As far as I'm concerned you have unlimited character space.
If you're wondering, pets (further down) only apply to 1 character, the character which you acquired the pet with, and only 1 pet per character. Skills and equipped items work the same way, but items in your Stash can be accessed by every character on your account.
Controls are WASD.
Move your camera around with the arrow keys. To change the camera speed, use the + and - keys. (this also changes your speed in f3 mode)
If you have wings, activate them by clicking C. You fly up by clicking Page Up and down by clicking Page Down.
R makes you run straight forward. Click the right Ctrl to alternate between Absolute Run Mode; running where your screen is facing, or running where your character is facing. This is useful if you're running away from something but want to look behind or around you while you do it.
Holding left shift makes you walk. Clicking Caps Lock makes you walk as well without having to hold Shift down, and run again by turning Caps Lock off. Holding left Ctrl makes you creep/crawl.
Menus are in the circled letters in the bottom right. These are the hotkeys:
H- Home Menu. You can set your home, reset your home (which sets it in Default), or teleport immediately to where you set your home. You can also change your Dimension, which is basically another server/version of the map your own, and is useful for seclusion, respawning prey if you killed all of the ones you're hunting in the map, or just getting away from people.
B- Bio. By clicking and holding on someone's character you can access their bio, which describes whatever you want to say about your char. People also use this like in-game profiles or player shops.
N- Online friends, Offline friends, Blocked people, and how many people are in what maps. By clicking on a friends name you can PM them or find what map they're in. You add someone to your friends list by clicking and holding on their character and clicking Add Friend or by typing /Friend username. This adds them to your friend list but does not add you to theirs.
I- Inventory. Your equipped items. The Stash is storage for all your other items and has a maximum capacity of 100. When you open your Stash the chat also tells you how much money you have.
J- Expressions and actions.
P- Party. Party is private chat. You can add people to it by clicking and holding on their character.
L- All your current quests.
There are 3 chats: local, general, and party. They can be cycled through by clicking the ` ~ on your keyboard.
Local: Most common chat. Anyone who's near you speaks in this chat.
General: If someone speaks in General, everyone on the map can see (in general chat, not local), no matter where they are. Useful for long-distance non-pm communication.
Party: Private chat. Add people to it by clicking and holding on their character. Info on it is accessible by clicking P.

Starting Out
Where to Go?
You start in Default. From default you want to go to Portal Island. You can see what portals lead where by holding your mouse over them on the minimap. You probably want to set your home at Portal Island as it has portals to almost every map on the game.
The first things you want are Skills. On this game, items don't improve your stats; you need skills. On your bottom right is your health bar and the word Attack. By clicking 2 on your keyboard you can circle through your skills. Clicking 1 on the keyboard goes back to Attack.
Skills can be acquired 3 ways: Buying them from the Skills NPC, Drawing from Draw Points (which gives you a random skill and is the only way to acquire Tame Skill), or by killing prey. Every prey drops a certain skill and a randomized amount within a certain number.
The first thing you want to do is go find and kill a bunny, as they drop Cures. Cures are your most important skill as they heal you and your pet. You want to get Cures first because then when you click 2, Cures are the first skill that appears, allowing you to circulate between Attack and Cure very easily, rather than having to click 2 rapidly to find them. If you're in a pickle, you can just click 1-2 very fast instead of having to search for them and likely die doing it. You can have a maximum of 250 of any skill.
cure - cures your health a bit
super cure - cures an entire health bar
lunge, stomp, backflip, sweep - attack skills
roar - attack skill that can attack from any distance. useful if the prey keeps running away or runs off the map where you can't follow.
zoom - moves fast
tame - can only be acquired from Draw Points, and rarely. with it you can tame prey but it's VERY unlikely, you're better off just buying a pet.
Items are dropped by prey and can be purchased from NPCs in Bazaar.
When you pick up an item it is automatically equipped. By clicking it you can drop it, move to stash, or delete it. The Stash is a storage that can hold 100 items. These items can be accessed by any character on your account. Items are used for accessories or for completing quests.
Quest NPCs are at Missionpoint. Some quests--mainly, the good ones--can only be completed once. Others can be completed an infinite amount of times. I suggest accepting multiple quests at once: 1 that involves killing cure-dropping prey, the other that involves killing prey. Then no matter what prey you're killing and why you can do it while you're completing a quest. Quests can be accessed by clicking L. When you've met all the requirements, you get the rewards (money or items) by clicking the quest and clicking Complete. You can also abandon the quest at any time.
Trading and Medals
Trade NPCs are found in Bazaar. The currency are Medals.
BROKEN MEDALS ARE NOT USELESS. I see a lot of newbies complain about prey dropping them. Medals can be exchanged for medals of higher worth or lower worth using the Medal NPC in Bazaar.
2 broken medals = 1 bronze
10 bronze = 1 silver
10 silver = 1 gold
10 gold = 1 diamond
10 diamond = 1 ruby why would you even do that
A boring get-rich-quick scheme is by Praising praise-prey, which is too boring to tolerate but you get quite a bit of money from it.
Speaking of which:
Types of Prey
As far as I'm concerned there are 2 types of prey: ones that you prey, and ones that you pray. Of the ones that you kill there are boss types, which spawn rarer than common types and are uber hard to kill. Praise prey are things such as butterflies/moths, kittens, and certain bunnies. You cannot kill praise-prey, but praising them can cause them to drop items and/or give you skills.
Killing Prey
To attack a prey you can hold click on them and click attack, double click them, or go into F1/F4 mode and click E to target the nearest prey. Their health appears in the top left. A prey may have multiple health bars indicated by miniature health bars underneath the active one. The next health bar is activated once the active one goes down to 0. You want to have plenty of Cures to heal yourself, because you do not have multiple health bars. To attack prey with a skill, cycle 2 until you find the skill you want and then click the prey with it activated.
If you're health bar is brought to 0 you will be wounded. Heal yourself by laying down. You heal much faster if you lie on your back in shallow water. When you heal from your wound you need to Cure yourself because your health is extremely low, and you want to heal yourself fast because the prey you're attacking is still out there, and will try to attack you again asap--which results in a 1-hit getting wounded again.
Different Camera Modes
I have the camera modes down here by the attacking-things area instead of the controls up top because that's what they're more useful for in my opinion.
Camera modes can be activated by clicking F1, F2, F3, and F4.
F1 is a third-person camera mode that makes your mouse disappear. It is most useful for attacking prey while still seeing what you're doing. No matter what direction you're facing, all skill attacks are aimed at the prey--all you have to do is click the screen, anywhere, instead of clicking the prey specifically. The same goes with Cures--instead of having to click on yourself, you can just click the screen anywhere. Because of this I regard F1 as the most useful camera mode for killing things.
F2 is the third-person camera mode you use all the time.
F3 is a camera mode that allows you to travel around and leave your character's body behind, allowing you to explore far away places without having to actually go there.
F4 is first-person camera mode. It is similar to F1 as the mouse cursor disappears and you can click anywhere on the screen to activate Cures instead of clicking yourself. However, since it's first-person instead of 3rd-person, you can't really see what you're doing. Also, when you activate an Attack skill, the Attack skill--such as Lunge--goes wherever your character is facing, instead of targeting the prey you're attacking.
There are 2 kinds of pets in my eyes: ones that kill and ones that follow you around being useless, which are Praise Pets. Praise Pets are ridiculously expensive considering they don't do anything to help you, they just look cute.
Pets can be acquired 2 ways: taming them (unlikely) or buying them from an NPC in Bazaar. Non-praise-pets follow you around and help you kill things.
To tame a pet, you have to bring its health down low. Low low low low low. Then use the Tame skill on it. Make sure you don't already have a pet because you obviously won't be able to tame it then considering you're only allowed to have 1 pet at a time.
Pets have to be cured, but don't worry--they can't die. If their health runs to 0 they just get Wounded and won't be able to attack, just like you do when you get Wounded. You'll simply need to heal them before they can continue helping you in your world conquest. If your pet is wounded, a message will say so in chat.
You can only have 1 pet per character. You can release your pet by typing /releasepet. You cannot get your pet back if you've released it.
Pet Controls
By clicking and holding on your pet you can access pretty much all the things you can do with it, besides /releasepet.
Pet- Pet your pet. As far as I can see all this does is make your pet either replicate what it does when it attacks something or what it does when it's praised.
Stay- Your pet will stay where it is and will not follow you again until you select Follow. If you teleport away, it will teleport with you, but remain there.
Shrink- Some pets are enormous and can get in your way. The Shrink option shrinks them to a size that doesn't spam your screen. You can regrow them back to their regular size by clicking Grow

I'm sure there are plenty I don't know of but here are the ones I do:

Pming- To PM someone, you type /username: in chat. For example, if I wanted to PM CaptainMcGuggles, I would type /CaptainMcGuggles: Sup bro.
/Friend username - Adds someone to your friend's list.
/SaveChat - Saves your chat as a file. You type /savechat filename to decide what you want to name the file you save the chat as.
/Releasepet - Releases your pet.
Sreenshot- Take a screenshot by clicking Print Screen on your keyboard.
Reporting- All rulebreaking fiends must be punished for their misdeeds. To help establish justice, http://lastmoon.org/forum/tutorials/qa-how-to-report-a-member-on-last-moon/
Common Glitches + Solutions
(this obviously is not include every glitch or every solution)
Displaced map -- Sometimes, the appearance of the map and is offset from the actual collision of the ground, making it look like you're walking through the ground. This can interfere with your ability to pick up items if they appear "underground", as well as just being confusing. Relogging usually fixes it.
Graphics Glitch -- Sometimes items, objects, portals, or even people can appear plain white or black and yellow. In Feral Heart people call these Marshmellows since they're textureless white. The only suggestion I have to fix it is by reinstalling LM or changing the OGRE engine rendering system that appears when you first open LM.
Tutorial Crashing -- For a lot of people, the tutorial of the game crashes when you try to go into it, including me. That's exactly why I made this thread.

Hints 'n Tips
Small item -- Sometimes items are just so tiny it's impossible to select them to pick it up. To make it easier you can go into F3 and zoom in really close to try and pick up the item.
Recovering from a wound -- You recover much faster if you lay on your back in shallow water.
Fight in F1 mode -- In F1 mode, you don't have to click the prey to attack them with a skill, or click yourself to heal. You only have to click anywhere on the screen, making it easier to fight and cure yourself quicker.
If you have a pet, run while fighting -- With some pets, especially large ones, they won't do damage to the prey if they prey is literally inside them. Try to lead the prey away so that your pet will be able to run after and attack them.
Flightless pet -- If your pet can't fly but the prey can, roar at the prey from the ground until they fly down and attack you. Then your pet can reach them from the ground.

I think that's everything to cover really.
Open to suggestions.
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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2014, 03:36:03 PM »
That's actually a really good idea
Nice work Soul, I'm sure this'll help out a ton of new folks

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2014, 05:06:36 PM »
Ty (~*u*)~

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2014, 07:08:59 PM »
This is a really nice, neat, and helpful tutorial!
Good job!

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2014, 12:08:27 AM »
Wonderfully made tutorial Soul! This is going to help out so many new players.

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #5 on: December 18, 2014, 11:10:02 PM »
Thanks! ^-^
~♥ Rebekah ♥~

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Re: Dear Noobs
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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2014, 10:11:16 AM »
Thank you! I shall cherish this forever *~*

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #8 on: December 31, 2014, 06:34:18 PM »
Wait...You needed separate accounts for the forum and the game itself?Well,THAT would've been nice to know.Anyways,thanks for the info.  :)

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #9 on: January 02, 2015, 01:48:08 AM »
Are vultures and condors praise pets? Are Skyscrapers bosses?

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2015, 01:51:23 AM »
Are Rimisas tameable? Like the prey that's found in Waterfall Cave.

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #11 on: January 02, 2015, 02:07:57 AM »
Are vultures and condors praise pets? Are Skyscrapers bosses?

They're prey pets. They can be found in Marsh, I think. And Skyscrapers are considered bosses, but don't quote me on it.

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #12 on: March 26, 2015, 11:20:57 PM »
Which pets actually help you fight?

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #13 on: March 27, 2015, 01:48:31 AM »
Which pets actually help you fight?

Foxlover, please do not post on threads three weeks or older. The forum rules state
2. Do not bump old threads
Please do not post on a thread that hasn't been posted on for 3 weeks or more. e.g. Last Post - 1 month ago. If an old thread is bumped, the person will be warned and that thread will be locked & possibly deleted. This Rule Does Not Apply To Roleplay Or General Threads.

You should probably ask your question in Game Help, but if you want a full list of pets that help you fight, you might have trouble finding one.

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Re: Dear Noobs
« Reply #14 on: March 27, 2015, 07:52:41 AM »
As Venwolf said, Do NOT bump old threads. I'll be locking this now.

Tutorials don't follow that rule you dingus
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